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"102 Dalmatians" quotes

102 Dalmatians poster
Cruella DeVil gets out of prison and goes after the puppies once more.

Director: Kevin Lima
Writer: Dodie Smith, Kristen Buckley, Brian Regan
Production: N/A
Year: 2000
MetaScore: 35/100
ImdbRating: 4.9
BoxOffice: $66,957,026
Released: 22 Nov 2000
Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar. 1 win & 8 nominations total


Cruella de Vil - Glenn Close
Jean-Pierre Le Pelt - Gérard Depardieu
Kevin Sheperd - Ioan Gruffudd
Chloe Simon - Alice Evans
Alonzo - Tim McInnerny
Waddlesworth - Eric Idle
Mr. Torte - Ian Richardson
Detective Armstrong - Jim Carter
Mr. Button - Ron Cook
Judge - Timothy West
Dr. Pavlov - David Horovitch
Pavlov's Assistant - Dick Brannick
Constable - Mike Hayley
ITN Reporter - Tim Willcox
Prison Warden - June Watson
Photocopier Repairman - Tony Bluto
Ticket Seller - Tessa Vale
Punch & Judy Man - John Styles
Le Pelt's Assistant - Kerry Shale
Le Pelt's Assistant - Thierry Lawson
Brakeman - Hugh Futcher
Lord Carnivore - Charles Simon
Mrs. Mirthless - Dorothea Phillips
Paris Poodle Lady - Delphine Annaiis
Singer - Sherwood Ball
Audience Member - Macéo Bhardwaj
Police Captain - JB Blanc
Passenger at Station - Ian Boo Khoo
Schoolgirl - Julia Bridgeman
Luncheon Attendee - Greg Bronson
TV News Sound Recordist - Martin Brown
Cruella Deville Mansion Flunkey - Kenneth W Caravan
Fluffy The Cat - Cookie
Paparazzi - Rene Costa
Singer - Linda Harmon
Orient Express Passenger - Leilani Holmes
Social Worker - Karen Kennedy
French Model - Suzy Kewer
Waddlesworth - David Keyes
Delivery Man - Jake Lanning
Newscaster - Jonathan Lucas
Boy on Climbing Frame - Jack Mason
Fashion Show Editor - Ann Mills
Taxi Driver in Black and White Dots - James Payne
Bus Driver - Nigel Rixon
Fashionista - Tina Simmons