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I beg pardon

Juror #11:
I beg pardon...
Juror #10:
"I beg pardon?" What are you so polite about?
Juror #11:
For the same reason you are not: it's the way I was brought up.

What was your impression
of the prosecuting attorney?
Okay. Two. You're two.
I beg pardon?
I thought he was really sharp, the way
he handled all those points one by one.
Logical sequence.
I was very impressed.
I think he - he did an expert job.
A lot of drive too, you know?
Real drive.
- Okay, fellas, can we hold it down a minute?
- Sure.
Uh, fellas.
Say, we'd like to get started.
Gentleman at the window.
- We'd like to get started.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

Clip duration: 31 seconds
Views: 6
Movie: 12 Angry Men
Year: 1957
Genres: drama
Summary: A jury holdout attempts to prevent a miscarriage of justice by forcing his colleagues to reconsider the evidence.

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