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What's the best part of being dead? It isn't escaping your boss, your ex, or even erasing your criminal record. The best part about being dead - is the freedom. The freedom to fight the injustice and evil that lurk in our world without anyone or anything to slow you down or tell you "no." This film introduces a new kind of action hero, six unnamed individuals from all around the globe, each the very best at what they do, have been chosen not only for their skill, but for a unique desire to delete their pasts to change the future. The team is brought together by an enigmatic leader code-named One (Ryan Reynolds), whose sole mission in life is to ensure that, while he and his fellow operatives will never be remembered, their actions damn sure will.

Director: Michael Bay
Writer: Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese
Production: Netflix
Year: 2019
MetaScore: 41/100
ImdbRating: 6.2
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 13 Dec 2019
Awards: 2 nominations.

4 Clips & Quotes


Four - Ben Hardy
Rovach Alimov - Lior Raz
Murat Alimov - Payman Maadi
Baasha Zia - Yuri Kolokolnikov
Daqeeq - Kim Kold
Caleb - James Murray
Jeyhun - Lukhanyo Bele
Funeral Speaker - Ron Funches
Horseman - Roger Nevares
Horseman (as Taurus Cizas) - Tauras Cizas
Horseman - Pavel Kratky
Rooftop General - Algirdas Dainavicius
Rooftop General - Faruk Pruti
Rooftop General - Tamas Hagyo
Rooftop General - Jason Oettle
Rooftop General - James Bomalick
Young Man - Shubham Saraf
Arianna - Elena Rusconi
Intelligence Executive - Kate Maravan
Raymond - Michael Lee
Miami Father - Claudio Pinto
Miami Daughter - Avery LaRae Lopez
Elena - Hazal Nehir
Young One (as Jack Heath) - Jack V. Heath
Magneto Kid - Spencer John Pauley
Magnet Girl (as Dharma Frances Brown) - Dharma Brown
Turgistan Plant Manager - John Albasiny
Yacht Captain - József Tálos
Yacht Official - Nick Von Schlippe
Cayden Marcus - Remi Adeleke
Richard III - Russell Wilcox
Lady Anne - Kate Beecroft
Gas Attack Helper - Ali Khan
Wally the Dog - Nitro Zeus
Hansi - Rob Adams
Guard - Alex Flash
Rovach's Motorcade Driver - Sonny Louis
Ranger Lieutenant Richardson - Tom Wells
Grocery Store Kid #2 (Day Performer - SAG) (archive footage) - Ryan Baumann
Reporter #4 (voice) - Michael Bay
Crane operator - Andy Cheng
Gambler - Keith Dallison
Camera Guy - Jesse Gabbard