'71 poster
In 1971, a young and disorientated British soldier is accidentally abandoned by his unit following a riot on the deadly streets of Belfast.

Year: 2014
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Gary Hook - Jack O'Connell
Thommo - Jack Lowden
Training Corporal - Paul Popplewell
Recruit Soldier - Ben Williams-Lee
Barracks Officer - Jonah Russell
Darren - Harry Verity
Corporal - Babou Ceesay
Lt. Armitage - Sam Reid
Sergeant - James McArdle
Captain Sandy Browning - Sean Harris
Sergeant Leslie Lewis - Paul Anderson
RUC Officer - Ben Peel
RUC Man (Bathroom) - Andy Moore
Mother in Raided House - Amy Molloy
Young Boy at Riot - Aaron Lynch
Sean Bannon - Barry Keoghan
Large Soldier - Tom Cowling
Huge Man - Gerard Jordan
Lillian Hughes (Protective Woman at Riot) - Denise Gough
Paul Haggerty - Martin McCann
O'Brien - Liam McMahon
Boyle - David Wilmot
Sean's Mum - Dawn Bradfield
Sean's Little Sister - Eabha MacCabe
Loyalist Child - Corey McKinley
Johnny - Paul Kennedy
Gang Member 2 - Emmet Kirwan
Jake Fullarton - Barry Barnes
Older Loyalist (as Chris Patrick Simpson) - Chris Patrick-Simpson
Younger Loyalist - Terence Keeley
Sergeant John Vickers - Jim Sturgeon
Good Samaritan - Cathy White
Republican Barmaid - Pamela Ashton
Local Resident - Paul Bergquist
Irish Rioter - Lee Bolton
British Soldier - Calum C. Sutton
RUC Officer - Eric Campbell
Heavy / Rioter - Michael Degnan
Rioter - Paul J. Dove
Jayson - Graeme Ford
Physical Training Instructor - Nick Gordon
Loyalist Drinker - Kenton Hall
Recruit Soldier - Mark Jarvis
Elderly Rioter - Kevin Knox
Young Woman - Emily Maguire
Junior Officer - Liam Merrigan
Funeral Mourner - Hugh O'Brien
Rioter - Andy Pearson
Local Woman - Trish Pope
Good Samaritan - Tom Raven
Rioter - Jacob Robson
Rioter - Pete Szoradi
Rioter - Ernest Vernon
Rioter - Craig Walters
Funeral Goer - Margaret Wheldon
Child Rioter - Paula Ann Williams
Child Rioter - Laura Ellen Wilson
Barrier Woman / Local Woman - Patricia Winker
Army Recruit - Richard Woodward