"A Canterbury Tale" quotes

A Canterbury Tale poster
Three modern day pilgrims investigate a bizarre crime in a small town on the way to Canterbury.

Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Writer: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Production: N/A
Year: 1944
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.4
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 21 Jan 1949
Awards: N/A

8 Clips


Thomas Colpeper, JP - Eric Portman
Alison Smith - Sheila Sim
Peter Gibbs - Dennis Price
Bob Johnson - John Sweet
Narrator (non-US versions) - Esmond Knight
Thomas Duckett - Charles Hawtrey
Woodcock - Hay Petrie
Ned Horton - George Merritt
Jim Horton - Edward Rigby
Prudence Honeywood - Freda Jackson
Fee Baker - Betty Jardine
Organist - Eliot Makeham
Sergt. Roczinsky - Harvey Golden
Leslie - Leonard Smith
David - David Todd
P.C. Ovenden - Beresford Egan
Sergt. Bassett - Anthony Holles
Miss Grainger - Maude Lambert
Man A.R.P. Worker - Wallace Bosco
Ernie Brooks - Charles Paton
Susanna Foster - Jane Millican
Sergt. Len - John Slater
Sergt. Smale - Michael Golden
Sergt. 'Stuffy' - Graham Moffatt
Agnes - Esma Cannon
Leslie's Mother - Mary Line
Mrs. Horton - Winifred Swaffer
Dorothy Bird - Judith Furse
Polly Finn - Barbara Waring
Gwladys Swinton - Jean Shepeard
Mrs. Colpeper - Margaret Scudamore
Police Inspector - Joss Ambler
Waitress - Jessie James
Passer-by - Kathleen Lucas
Mr. Portal - H.F. Maltby
Geoffrey's Father - Eric Maturin
Johnson's Girl (US release) - Kim Hunter
Baby - Baby Alder
Boy in River Battle - David Babcock
Friar - W. Ballie
Hipman - Mr. Bird
Sergeant at Law - Billy Bray
Boy in River Battle - Les Brown
Boy in River Battle - Derek V. Browne
Boy Firing Canon in River Battle - Denis Bugden
Boy in River Battle - Donald Bugden
Peasant - Mr. Carter
Boy on Blacksmith's Wall - John Clark
Bystander at Wheelwright's - Bill Clover
Army Parade Bandmaster Entering Cathedral - George Curran
2nd Nun - Miss Dixon
Peasant - Mr. Dove
Boy in River Battle - Cliff Elvidge
Boy in River Battle - Roy Fisher
Bellringer at Church - Dean Fredericks
Tapister - T. Gilbert
Peasant - Mr. Gregory
Police Superintendent in Mayoral Procession Entering Cathedral - George Hall
Peasant - Mrs. Hendry
Boy in River Battle - Jim Holland
Bystander at Wheelwright's - Ben Horton
Bystander at Wheelwright's in Leather Jacket - Eric Horton
Man Working Bellows at Wheelwright's - Neville Horton
Nun's Priest - A.W. Jennings
Peasant Girl - G. Keeys
Boy in River Battle - Dennis Kennett
Boy in River Battle - Dick Kerry
Dyer - M. Kirby
Manciple - R. Kirby
Peasant - Mr. Klaiber
Ploughman - Victor Large
Alderman in Mayoral Procession Entering Cathedral - Charles Lefèvre
Monk - J. Lomas
Peasant - Miss Marr
Carpenter in Wheelwright's Workshop - Mike Martin
Narrator (US version) - Raymond Massey
Cook - Jack May
Pardoner - H. Michael
Peasant Girl - G. Moore
Franklyn - Link Neal
Miller - A. Noble
Army Parade Drum Major Entering Cathedral - Reg Pattenden
Summoner - H. Pearce
Pedlar - Ralph Poole
Squire's Yeoman - C. Pucinelli
Army Parade Drummer Boy and Bugler Entering Cathedral - Sid Pullman
Weaver - J. Purchase
Wife of Bath - Mila Raymanova
Doctor of Physic - Glyn Rowland
Pointing Policeman at Canterbury West Gate - Vincent Russel
Squire and 1944 Soldier Watching Spitfire - James Sadler
Lookout Boy in River Battle - Roy Samson
Goldsmith - C. Semphill
Haberdasher - F. Sequin
Water-Bearer - John Shuggs
Clerk of Oxford - Martin Smith
Prioress - C. Spencer
Peasant - Mr. Stone
Boy in River Battle - Charlie Tamsitt
Boy in River Battle - Brian Todd
Boy in River Battle - Ben Tragett
Boy in River Battle - Robert Tragett
Boy in River Battle - Timothy Tragett
Merchant - H. Walter
Water-Bearer - Eric Waters
Knight - Billy Wells
Bystander at Wheelwright's - Cleetus - William Wood