Glorious, isn't it? Is anybody there? It's a real voice you heard. You're not dreaming....

A Canterbury Tale1944
Did you hear anything
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Thomas Colpeper, JP:
[hidden in the tall grass]
Glorious, isn't it?
Alison Smith:
Is anybody there?
Thomas Colpeper, JP:
It's a real voice you heard. You're not dreaming.
Alison Smith:
You know, just now I - I heard sounds.
Thomas Colpeper, JP:
What sounds did you hear?
Alison Smith:
Horses' hooves, voices, and a lute. Or an instrument like a lute. Did you hear anything?
Thomas Colpeper, JP:
Those sounds come from inside, not outside. Then only when you're concentrating, when you believe strongly in something. Just now I was concentrating on who was coming up the hill to disturb me.
Alison Smith:
Disturb you? At what?
Thomas Colpeper, JP:
Breathing the air, smelling the earth, watching the clouds. Why don't you sit down?


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.667
Glorious isn't it
00:00:06.713 --> 00:00:08.296
Is anybody there
00:00:12.036 --> 00:00:15.237
It's a real voice you heard you're not dreaming
00:00:15.238 --> 00:00:16.647
00:00:16.648 --> 00:00:17.648
Just now I
00:00:18.648 --> 00:00:19.898
I heard sounds
00:00:21.616 --> 00:00:23.215
What sounds did you hear
00:00:23.216 --> 00:00:25.299
Horses' hooves voices
00:00:27.508 --> 00:00:28.508
and a lute
00:00:29.474 --> 00:00:32.476
or an instrument like a lute
00:00:32.477 --> 00:00:34.471
Did you hear anything
00:00:34.472 --> 00:00:37.206
Those sounds come from inside not outside
00:00:37.207 --> 00:00:38.939
and only when you're concentrating
00:00:38.094 --> 00:00:40.217
and you believe strongly in something
00:00:40.218 --> 00:00:41.645
Just now I was concentrating
00:00:41.646 --> 00:00:43.738
on who was coming up the hill to disturb me
00:00:43.739 --> 00:00:45.176
Disturb you at what
00:00:45.177 --> 00:00:46.174
Being there
00:00:46.175 --> 00:00:47.688
smelling the earth
00:00:47.689 --> 00:00:49.689
and watching the clouds
00:00:50.932 --> 00:00:52.849
Why don't you sit down

Clip duration: 54 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 01h 25m 39s
Uploaded: 06 December, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama, mystery
Summary: Three modern day pilgrims investigate a bizarre crime in a small town on the way to Canterbury.


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Thomas Colpeper, JP - Eric Portman
Alison Smith - Sheila Sim