"A Cure for Wellness" quotes

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An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps but soon suspects that the spa's miraculous treatments are not what they seem.

Director: Gore Verbinski
Writer: Justin Haythe, Gore Verbinski
Production: N/A
Year: 2016
MetaScore: 47/100
ImdbRating: 6.4
BoxOffice: $8,106,986
Released: 17 Feb 2017
Awards: 4 wins & 5 nominations

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Lockhart - Dane DeHaan
Volmer - Jason Isaacs
Hannah - Mia Goth
Enrico - Ivo Nandi
Deputy Director - Adrian Schiller
Victoria Watkins - Celia Imrie
Pembroke - Harry Groener
Frank Hill - Tomas Norström
Ron Nair - Ashok Mandanna
Pieter the Vet - Magnus Krepper
Constable - Peter Benedict
Bartender - Michael Mendl
Mrs. Abramov - Maggie Steed
Morris - Craig Wroe
Hank Green - David Bishins
Hollis - Lisa Banes
Wilson - Carl Lumbly
Humphrey - Tom Flynn
Josh - Eric Todd
Caretaker - Johannes Krisch
Lockhart's Mother - Rebecca Street
Lockhart's Father - Bert Tischendorf
9 Year Old Lockhart - Douglas Hamilton
Frank - Leonard Kunz
Secretary - Manon Kahle
Conductor - Adrian Zwicker
Funeral Director - Jeff Burrell
Vet's Daughter - Julia Graefner
Drawing Boy - Nino Boehlau
Volmer Institute Staff (as Nadine Boeske) - Nadine Boske
Volmer Institute Staff - Axel Buchholz
Volmer Institute Staff - David Bredin
Volmer Institute Staff - Matthias Britschgi
Volmer Institute Staff - Andreas Dobberkau
Volmer Institute Staff - Sarah Franke
Volmer Institute Staff - Godehard Giese
Volmer Institute Staff (as Angelina Haentsch) - Angelina Häntsch
Volmer Institute Staff - Judith Hoersch
Volmer Institute Staff - Caspar Kaeser
Volmer Institute Staff - Sebastian Kaufmane
Volmer Institute Staff - Martin Laue
Volmer Institute Staff - Annette Lober
Volmer Institute Staff - Benedict Seifert
Volmer Institute Staff - Roman Schomburg
Volmer Institute Staff - Florian Steffens
Volmer Institute Staff - Sven Timmreck
Volmer Institute Staff - Hanna Wollschlaeger
Volmer Institute Staff - Susanne Wuest
Volmer Institute Patient - Jef Bayonne
Volmer Institute Patient - Klaus Burckhardt
Volmer Institute Patient - Helmut Boelling
Volmer Institute Patient - Renate Prack
Volmer Institute Patient - Matthias Rick
Volmer Institute Patient - Peter Simlinger
Volmer Institute Patient - Jutta Marina Von Brunkau
Wedding Guest - Marko Buzin
Wedding Guest - Chris Huszar
Doctor Barlock - Johnny Otto
Water Trainer - Thomas Richter
Wall Street Broker - Chris Theisinger
Volmer Institute Patient - Karl Wheeler
Wall Street Banker - Alexander Yassin