"A Fantastic Fear of Everything" quotes

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A crime novelist, whose research on Victorian serial killers has turned him into a paranoid wreck, must confront his worst fears, when a film executive takes a sudden interest in his movie s... Read all

Director: Crispian Mills, Chris Hopewell
Writer: Crispian Mills
Production: N/A
Genre: comedy, horror
Year: 2012
MetaScore: 31/100
ImdbRating: 5.8
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 08 Jun 2012
Awards: 1 win & 4 nominations

5 Clips


Jack - Simon Pegg
Perkins - Alan Drake
Small Man in Duvet - Kiran Shah
Vietnamese Newspaper Man - Jack Jaikol Situn
Maitre D' - Michael Feast
Moustached Waiter - Henry Bowers-Broadbent
Clair De Grunwald - Clare Higgins
Dr. Friedkin - Paul Freeman
Disgruntled Diner - Mo Idriss
Lead Head - Doug Tulloch
Biggie - Elliot Greene
Noodles - Kamal Onyiukah
Birthday Boy - Baxter Westby
Liza Friedkin - Teresa Churcher
Birthday Boy's Friend - Karan Plah
The Voice - Bernard Cribbins
Hendon Ogre - Don McCulloch
Bashful African Lady - Golda John
Launderette Warden - Tuyet Le
Caligula - Tamzin Griffin
Sheena the Punk Rocker - Jane Stanness
Launderette Grande Dame - Jacqueline Chan
Sangeet - Amara Karan
Police Sergeant Smythe - Simon Kunz
WPC Taser - Anna Madeley
Beat Cops Filmmaker - Jay Taylor
Young Jack - Zaak Conway
Jack's Mum - Mara Ashton
Holby the Paramedic - Charlie Covell
Young Perkins - Johnny Alston
Grandma Perkins - Lieve Carchon
Hedgehog Entertainer - Gary Golding
Livinia - Alice Orr-Ewing
Captivated Child - Keshava Mills
Harvey Humphries - Kerry Shale
Bandaged Man - Bhanu Alley
Restaurant Patron - Fabio Vollono