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What do you want

Rez Gavron:
What you have right now goes way beyond just this. There's people who need to hear what you have to say musically. It's not normal stuff. It's really amazing what you're doing. I think you have it all, I do. The question to you is, what do you want?

Um... Yeah, OK. Sure.
Yeah, if you wanna wait,
I'll come have a drink with you.
Bitch, can you get down off that stage
and come help me close this bar, please?
Don't talk to me like that
in that bus driver wig, girl.
Oh, I know you did not. What, you have
a street appointment tonight, sister?
Excuse me! Mr Maine, would you mind?
Uh... What do you want me to do?
Just come play a little song for me.
- I don't know.
- Can you leave the man alone, please?
I showed you mine, you show me yours.
Come on.
He already signed your tits, honey.
Say, "No, sir."
- Show off for me a little bit.
- Only because you already performed.
You're so nice. Thank you.
Lord, the man is here for Ally.
Not for you, sister.
- Oh... She's nice. Yeah.
- Isn't it cute? Little arts and crafts.
- Yeah, and light.
- Mm-hm.
- Did you do this yourself?
- Yeah, all me.
Looks great.
Does this mic work?
Oh, yeah. Fuck, all right.

Clip duration: 54 seconds
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Movie: A Star Is Born
Year: 2018
Genres: drama, music, romance
Summary: A musician helps a young singer find fame as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.


Rez Gavron - Rafi Gavron