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What you have right now goes way beyond just this. There's people who need to hear what...

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Rez Gavron:
What you have right now goes way beyond just this. There's people who need to hear what you have to say musically. It's not normal stuff. It's really amazing what you're doing. I think you have it all, I do. The question to you is, what do you want?


00:00:04.733 --> 00:00:06.314
Waiting for daddy.
00:00:10.406 --> 00:00:12.192
We're both waiting for daddy.
00:00:15.369 --> 00:00:17.826
What, three weeks?
00:00:17.997 --> 00:00:19.328
You are gonna come back, right?
00:00:21.000 --> 00:00:22.016
What do you mean?
00:00:22.334 --> 00:00:24.037
You gonna come home when you're done?
00:00:25.129 --> 00:00:27.029
- Do you not want me to? - No, I want you to.
00:00:27.464 --> 00:00:29.671
I'm just wondering if... I just...
00:00:29.842 --> 00:00:31.194
- Where else would I go? - I don't know.
00:00:31.218 --> 00:00:33.001
I guess I just thought... You know, it's like,
00:00:33.137 --> 00:00:35.128
- there's Jack... - Wait, wait, wait.
00:00:35.306 --> 00:00:37.592
- Why would you say that? - I don't know. I guess...
00:00:37.766 --> 00:00:41.179
I wondered, without the booze, if you would want to come home.
00:00:41.353 --> 00:00:44.047
'Cause when you met me, you were drinking, and now you're not.
00:00:44.648 --> 00:00:46.559
I wasn't drunk the whole time we were together.
00:00:46.734 --> 00:00:48.069
I know, but...
00:00:50.195 --> 00:00:52.652
But it got bad when we were together.
00:00:52.823 --> 00:00:54.779
It's okay. I mean, it's fine.

Clip duration: 56 seconds
Views: 211
Timestamp in movie: 01:44:40
Uploaded: 24 October, 2021
Genres: drama, music, romance
Summary: A musician helps a young singer find fame as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.


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Rez Gavron - Rafi Gavron