"Abe Lincoln in Illinois" quotes

Abe Lincoln in Illinois poster
Humble Abraham Lincoln gains the respect of his Illinois neighbors, growing in stature and respect until he is elected President in 1860 and departs for Washington.

Director: John Cromwell
Writer: Robert E. Sherwood, Grover Jones
Production: RKO Pictures
Year: 1940
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.3
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 19 Apr 1940
Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. 2 nominations total

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Abe Lincoln - Raymond Massey
Stephen Douglas - Gene Lockhart
Mary Todd Lincoln - Ruth Gordon
Ann Rutledge - Mary Howard
Joshua Speed - Minor Watson
Billy Herndon - Alan Baxter
Ninian Edwards - Harvey Stephens
Jack Armstrong - Howard Da Silva
Elizabeth Edwards - Dorothy Tree
Judge Bowling Green - Aldrich Bowker
John McNeil - Maurice Murphy
Mentor Graham - Louis Jean Heydt
Ben Mattling - Clem Bevans
Denton Offut - Harlan Briggs
Seth Gale - Herbert Rudley
Stage Driver - Andy Clyde
Mr. Crimmin - Roger Imhof
Mr. Rutledge - Edmund Elton
Mrs. Rutledge - Leona Roberts
Mrs. Bowling Green - Florence Roberts
Dr. Chandler - George Rosener
John Hanks - Trevor Bardette
John Johnston - Syd Saylor
Sarah Lincoln - Elisabeth Risdon
Tom Lincoln - Charles Middleton
Trum Cogdall - Alec Craig
Stonewall Jackson - Erville Alderson
Onlooker at Debate - Ted Billings
Tad Lincoln - Henry Blair
Raft Steerer - Ed Brady
Willie Lincoln - Sonny Bupp
Minor Role - George Chandler
Minor Role - Tom Chatterton
Minor Role - Dan Clark
Politician - Wallis Clark
Woman on Street - Jane Corcoran
John Brown - John Cromwell
Undetermined Supporting Role - Cecil Cunningham
Lincoln's Cook - Esther Dale
Politician - Dick Elliott
Minor Role - Robert Elliott
Minor Role - Fern Emmett
Minor Role - Paul Everton
Minor Role - Edward Fielding
Politician - Byron Foulger
Little Girl - Peggy Ann Garner
Minor Role - Gus Glassmire
Onlooker at Debate - Jesse Graves
Greeley's Secretary - George Guhl
Minor Role - Paul Guilfoyle
Minor Role - C. Hayes
Mrs. Seth Gale - Fay Helm
Minor Role - Dell Henderson
Daniel Webster - Harry Humphries
Colonel Robert E. Lee - George Irving
Aide to Stephen Douglas - Selmer Jackson
Citizen - Jack Kenny
Abe's Friend - Milton Kibbee
Minor Role - Victor Kilian
Minor Role - Robert Middlemass
Robert Lincoln - Edwin Mills
Minor Role - Emory Parnell
Woman on Street - Kathleen Proctor
Minor Role - Lorin Raker
Minor Role - William Royle
Minor Role - Florence Rutledge
Citizen - Allen D. Sewall
Minor Role - Kathryn Sheldon
Minor Role - John St. Polis
Minor Role - Landers Stevens
Douglas's Crony - Guy Usher
Dr. Barrett - Edward Van Sloan
Minor Role - Bryant Washburn
Woman in Store - Dorothea Wolbert
Horace Greeley - Ian Wolfe
Minor Role - William Worthington