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I must get a hat
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I must get a hat, with a big red rose on it.

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Frances Myles:
I must get a hat, with a big red rose on it.


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I must get a hat with a big red rose.
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- What are you doing? - Oh, I thought you said you were shivering.
00:00:09.055 --> 00:00:11.556
- No darling, not shivering, trembling. - Oh.
00:00:12.334 --> 00:00:14.671
Well, aren't you even the least little bit nervous?
00:00:15.526 --> 00:00:16.526
Well, yes,

Clip duration: 18 seconds
Views: 166
Timestamp in movie: 00h 12m 53s
Uploaded: 10 October, 2021
Genres: drama, thriller
Summary: Two newlyweds spy on the Nazis for the British Secret Service during their honeymoon in Europe.


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