'Snub' Pollard quotes in movies

Old Man Getting Umbrella in 'Singin' in the... Singin' in the Rain poster Singin' in the Rain Cab Driver The Day the Earth Stood Still poster The Day the Earth Stood Still Mail-Bearing Court Officer Miracle on 34th Street poster Miracle on 34th Street Street Musician (as Snub Pollard) Limelight poster Limelight Townsman Inherit the Wind poster Inherit the Wind Statehood Audience Member The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance poster The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Spectator The Greatest Show on Earth poster The Greatest Show on Earth Citizen of Rome Julius Caesar poster Julius Caesar Citizen The Robe poster The Robe Barfly The Stranger Wore a Gun poster The Stranger Wore a Gun Father at Baby Window Casanova Brown poster Casanova Brown Airport Baggage Clerk The Conspirators poster The Conspirators Hog Calling Contest Spectator State Fair poster State Fair Cabby The Paradine Case poster The Paradine Case Man in Courtroom Adam's Rib poster Adam's Rib Man on Street House of Strangers poster House of Strangers Bartender Stars in My Crown poster Stars in My Crown Townsman at Funeral The Gunfighter poster The Gunfighter Townsman The Man from Colorado poster The Man from Colorado 'Dive' Patron Pointing Out Tarnowski Unknown Island poster Unknown Island Pool Hall Patron Where the Sidewalk Ends poster Where the Sidewalk Ends Lunch Wagon Counterman Carrie poster Carrie Onlooker on Street Royal Wedding poster Royal Wedding Street Vagrant The Man with the Golden Arm poster The Man with the Golden Arm Waiter Pal Joey poster Pal Joey Bit Role Rock a Bye Baby poster Rock a Bye Baby Townsman The Tin Star poster The Tin Star Hotel House Detective The Perfect Furlough poster The Perfect Furlough Tattoo Artist Who Was That Lady? poster Who Was That Lady? Cheyenne Audience Member Heller in Pink Tights poster Heller in Pink Tights Knuckles Pocketful of Miracles poster Pocketful of Miracles Barfly Domino Kid poster Domino Kid Eddie - the Bellhop Homicidal poster Homicidal Townsman One Eyed Jacks poster One Eyed Jacks 'Snub' The Errand Boy poster The Errand Boy Carnival Patron Friendly Persuasion poster Friendly Persuasion Man at Assembly Meeting Scaramouche poster Scaramouche Wagon Train Member Red River poster Red River Dishwasher Framed poster Framed Man on Jury Johnny Belinda poster Johnny Belinda Photographer at Birthday Party The Road to Singapore poster The Road to Singapore Townsman in Church Edge of Darkness poster Edge of Darkness A Community Player One Good Turn poster One Good Turn Reporter Teacher's Pet poster Teacher's Pet Wedding Reception Guest The Luck of the Irish poster The Luck of the Irish Party Guest Come Next Spring poster Come Next Spring Man at Bridge It Happened Tomorrow poster It Happened Tomorrow Sound Truck Driver Anything Goes poster Anything Goes Townsman I Shot Jesse James poster I Shot Jesse James Worshipper The Miracle of the Bells poster The Miracle of the Bells Amateur Contest Violinist Road to Utopia poster Road to Utopia Stagehand The Country Girl poster The Country Girl Miner Canyon Passage poster Canyon Passage Comedy Waiter Man of a Thousand Faces poster Man of a Thousand Faces Custodian on Stairway Walk Softly, Stranger poster Walk Softly, Stranger Townsman Hail the Conquering Hero poster Hail the Conquering Hero Man at Balloon Society Meeting Master of the World poster Master of the World Quartermaster Bates in 'Rain' Jeanne Eagels poster Jeanne Eagels Caddy The Facts of Life poster The Facts of Life Waiter Pete Kelly's Blues poster Pete Kelly's Blues Townsman Magic Town poster Magic Town

Clips with \'Snub\' Pollard