Alfred Hitchcock quotes in movies

Man Walking Past Elster's Office Vertigo poster Vertigo Man Outside Real Estate Office Psycho poster Psycho Songwriter's Clock-Winder Rear Window poster Rear Window Man on Subway Blackmail poster Blackmail Man on Street Murder! poster Murder! Man in the Raincoat Passing The Bus The Man Who Knew Too Much poster The Man Who Knew Too Much Man Boarding Train Carrying a Double Bass Strangers on a Train poster Strangers on a Train Man Drinking Champagne at Party Notorious poster Notorious Man on Train Playing Cards Shadow of a Doubt poster Shadow of a Doubt Man in Marrakesh Marketplace The Man Who Knew Too Much poster The Man Who Knew Too Much Man Leaving Elevator Spellbound poster Spellbound Passerby Near the Bus The 39 Steps poster The 39 Steps Man Sitting Next to John Robie on Bus To Catch a Thief poster To Catch a Thief Man Leaving Hotel Room Marnie poster Marnie Man Mailing Letter Suspicion poster Suspicion Man Crossing the Top of Long Staircase I Confess poster I Confess Prologue Narrator The Wrong Man poster The Wrong Man Spectator at Opening Rally Frenzy poster Frenzy Man Walking Past Sam's Outdoor Exhibition The Trouble with Harry poster The Trouble with Harry Man in Front of New York Drugstore Saboteur poster Saboteur Silhouette at Office of Vital Statistics Family Plot poster Family Plot Man in Hotel Lobby with Baby Torn Curtain poster Torn Curtain Man with Newspaper on Street Foreign Correspondent poster Foreign Correspondent Man Who Misses Bus North by Northwest poster North by Northwest Man Staring at Eve on Street Stage Fright poster Stage Fright Man in Wheelchair at Airport Topaz poster Topaz Man Outside Phone Booth Rebecca poster Rebecca Man Carrying Cello Case The Paradine Case poster The Paradine Case Man Walking in Street After Opening Credits Rope poster Rope Man Walking Dogs Out of Pet Shop The Birds poster The Birds Photographer Outside Courthouse Young and Innocent poster Young and Innocent Self Spielberg poster Spielberg Self Hitchcock/Truffaut poster Hitchcock/Truffaut Self Night Will Fall poster Night Will Fall Man at Governor's Reception Under Capricorn poster Under Capricorn Man Passing David Smith on Street Mr  & Mrs  Smith poster Mr & Mrs Smith Self Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story poster Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love... Man at Victoria Station The Lady Vanishes poster The Lady Vanishes Man Walking Past the Cinema as the Light Is Renewed Sabotage poster Sabotage

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