Charles Morton quotes in movies

Elevator Passenger An Affair to Remember poster An Affair to Remember Courtroom Spectator To Kill a Mockingbird poster To Kill a Mockingbird Drummer The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance poster The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Party Guest The Invisible Man poster The Invisible Man Villager at Tournament The Adventures of Robin Hood poster The Adventures of Robin Hood Sailor 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea poster 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Extra Around the World in 80 Days poster Around the World in 80 Days Worker Listening to Radio The War of the Worlds poster The War of the Worlds Bartender Gunsmoke poster Gunsmoke Royal Court Member Young Bess poster Young Bess Bob Blonde Venus poster Blonde Venus Townsman Dodge City poster Dodge City Sailor Road to Singapore poster Road to Singapore Boxing Match Spectator Gentleman Jim poster Gentleman Jim Friendly Man at Restaurant Window on New Year's Eve Yankee Doodle Dandy poster Yankee Doodle Dandy Townsman Broken Arrow poster Broken Arrow Pub Patron Chain Lightning poster Chain Lightning Man on Street House of Strangers poster House of Strangers Townsman Montana poster Montana Dock Worker Captive Wild Woman poster Captive Wild Woman Bartender with Gunder Rancho Notorious poster Rancho Notorious Townsman Montana Belle poster Montana Belle Subway Passenger Death of a Salesman poster Death of a Salesman Shrine Auditorium Photographer A Star Is Born poster A Star Is Born Bartender Guys and Dolls poster Guys and Dolls Prospector River of No Return poster River of No Return Graduation Spectator Carousel poster Carousel Club Patron Pal Joey poster Pal Joey Man Destroying Revival Tent Elmer Gantry poster Elmer Gantry Atlantis: The Lost Continent poster Atlantis: The Lost Continent Juror Party Girl poster Party Girl Elder The Story of Ruth poster The Story of Ruth Man at Line-Up Viewing The Lineup poster The Lineup Departing Lone Creek Stock Tender Westbound poster Westbound Observer at Scene Cult of the Cobra poster Cult of the Cobra Townsman 4 for Texas poster 4 for Texas Boat Captain The Incredible Mr  Limpet poster The Incredible Mr Limpet Lodge Member Bye Bye Birdie poster Bye Bye Birdie Bartender Cheyenne Autumn poster Cheyenne Autumn Board Member Sex and the Single Girl poster Sex and the Single Girl Townsman One Eyed Jacks poster One Eyed Jacks Juror Buchanan Rides Alone poster Buchanan Rides Alone Courtroom Spectator The Wheeler Dealers poster The Wheeler Dealers Farmer Friendly Persuasion poster Friendly Persuasion Bartender Wichita poster Wichita Miner The Far Country poster The Far Country Trooper They Died with Their Boots On poster They Died with Their Boots On Militiaman The Fighting Kentuckian poster The Fighting Kentuckian Worker The Garment Jungle poster The Garment Jungle Cavalryman Shotgun poster Shotgun Sheepherder Brigadoon poster Brigadoon Bar Patron Born Reckless poster Born Reckless Juror The Lawless Breed poster The Lawless Breed Reporter The Last Hurrah poster The Last Hurrah Townsman The Hanging Tree poster The Hanging Tree Witness Cell 2455, Death Row poster Cell 2455, Death Row Citizen When Worlds Collide poster When Worlds Collide Auction Guest Band of Angels poster Band of Angels Tavern Patron Double Crossbones poster Double Crossbones Miner Canyon Passage poster Canyon Passage Cafe Patron Do Not Disturb poster Do Not Disturb Bartender It's Always Fair Weather poster It's Always Fair Weather Barfly Destry poster Destry

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