James Flavin quotes in movies

Guard The Grapes of Wrath poster ü The Grapes of Wrath Second Mate Briggs King Kong poster ü King Kong Patrolman It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World poster ü It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World Motorcycle Cop (voice) Saboteur poster ü Saboteur Detective Mildred Pierce poster ü Mildred Pierce Det. Lt. Workman Conflict poster ü Conflict Radio Cop Anchors Aweigh poster ü Anchors Aweigh Det. McEveety Laura poster ü Laura First Mate on Yacht The Most Dangerous Game poster ü The Most Dangerous Game Ship's Officer Born to Dance poster ü Born to Dance Agent with Jean 'G' Men poster ü 'G' Men Detective #2 My Man Godfrey poster ü My Man Godfrey Cavalry Captain Jesse James poster ü Jesse James Guard Announcing Jailbreak San Quentin poster ü San Quentin Pilot Test Pilot poster ü Test Pilot Jailer You Can't Take It with You poster ü You Can't Take It with You State Trooper You Only Live Once poster ü You Only Live Once Policeman The Roaring Twenties poster ü The Roaring Twenties Policeman High Sierra poster ü High Sierra Roaring 90's Club Doorman It All Came True poster ü It All Came True Sheriff Bud Connolly Pot o' Gold poster ü Pot o' Gold Court Attendant Remember the Night poster ü Remember the Night Hotel Porter The Ghost Breakers poster ü The Ghost Breakers Detective I Wake Up Screaming poster ü I Wake Up Screaming Paddy Union Pacific poster ü Union Pacific Recruiting Sergeant Buck Privates poster ü Buck Privates George Corbett Gentleman Jim poster ü Gentleman Jim Policeman Heaven Can Wait poster ü Heaven Can Wait American Senator Mission to Moscow poster ü Mission to Moscow Hoatley - First Carnival Owner Nightmare Alley poster ü Nightmare Alley Girl's Father Reap the Wild Wind poster ü Reap the Wild Wind Cop Who Greets Nick at Racetrack Shadow of the Thin Man poster ü Shadow of the Thin Man Reardon Song of the Thin Man poster ü Song of the Thin Man Abilene Fight Announcer Texas poster ü Texas Policeman Thank Your Lucky Stars poster ü Thank Your Lucky Stars Policeman The Big Shot poster ü The Big Shot Ticket Inspector on Boat The Strawberry Blonde poster ü The Strawberry Blonde Union Army Veteran #1 on Caisson Yankee Doodle Dandy poster ü Yankee Doodle Dandy Police Lt. Phillips Armored Car Robbery poster ü Armored Car Robbery Angry Carnival Creditor Flamingo Road poster ü Flamingo Road Coconut Grove Waiter My Dream Is Yours poster ü My Dream Is Yours Policeman in Park Shockproof poster ü Shockproof Police Lt. Mitchell Sleep, My Love poster ü Sleep, My Love Sheriff My Friend Irma Goes West poster ü My Friend Irma Goes West Deputy Sheriff Western Union poster ü Western Union Buck - Truck Driver Ziegfeld Girl poster ü Ziegfeld Girl Mike - Bartender Carrie poster ü Carrie Mick - SP Commander Operation Pacific poster ü Operation Pacific Tim Riley Night Passage poster ü Night Passage MP at Garden Party The Wings of Eagles poster ü The Wings of Eagles Clarence Duntz In Cold Blood poster ü In Cold Blood Ft. Robinson Sergeant of the Guard Cheyenne Autumn poster ü Cheyenne Autumn Military Policeman Mister Roberts poster ü Mister Roberts Petty Officer Sailor Beware poster ü Sailor Beware Sheriff Pat Johnson Desert Fury poster ü Desert Fury Keenan - Detective Grilling Eddie Kid Glove Killer poster ü Kid Glove Killer Sergeant Belle Starr poster ü Belle Starr Attractive Woman's Escort Mr  & Mrs  Smith poster ü Mr & Mrs Smith Insp. Wellman Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet the Killer Boris Karloff poster ü Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet the Killer... Det. Lt. 'Mac' Hennessey My Favorite Brunette poster ü My Favorite Brunette Gen. Sterling Jumping Jacks poster ü Jumping Jacks Merchant Marine School Lieutenant-Commander Action in the North Atlantic poster ü Action in the North Atlantic Policeman Each Dawn I Die poster ü Each Dawn I Die Cop (segment "The Cop and the Anthem") O  Henry's Full House poster ü O Henry's Full House Ship Ticket Agent The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin poster ü The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Henry - Chauffeur Man on the Flying Trapeze poster ü Man on the Flying Trapeze Parking Attendant at Fat Dutchy's Brother Orchid poster ü Brother Orchid Railroad Detective #2 Ride 'Em Cowboy poster ü Ride 'Em Cowboy Gorman The Fabulous Dorseys poster ü The Fabulous Dorseys Col. Walsh Cloak and Dagger poster ü Cloak and Dagger Father O'Leary The Barefoot Executive poster ü The Barefoot Executive Skeptic on Subway Once Upon a Time poster ü Once Upon a Time Bouncer Broadway Melody of 1940 poster ü Broadway Melody of 1940 Police Capt. Michael J. Shanahan The Last Hurrah poster ü The Last Hurrah Mac - Race Clerk Black Gold poster ü Black Gold First Policeman It Happened on Fifth Avenue poster ü It Happened on Fifth Avenue Detective #1 The Strange Love of Martha Ivers poster ü The Strange Love of Martha Ivers Police Officer Murder, He Says poster ü Murder, He Says Sergeant Without Love poster ü Without Love Security Guard Critic's Choice poster ü Critic's Choice Immigration Guard Hold Back the Dawn poster ü Hold Back the Dawn Chauffeur Magnificent Obsession poster ü Magnificent Obsession Dock Policeman The Long Voyage Home poster ü The Long Voyage Home Villager Unconquered poster ü Unconquered Shake Thomas Nobody Lives Forever poster ü Nobody Lives Forever Army Captain at White Army Tent Great Guns poster ü Great Guns Detective Charlie Chan on Broadway poster ü Charlie Chan on Broadway Judge Gherkin The Real McCoys poster ü The Real McCoys Lt. Poston The Addams Family poster ü The Addams Family

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