Lee Phelps quotes in movies

Bartender The Philadelphia Story poster The Philadelphia Story Bartender Gone with the Wind poster Gone with the Wind Cameraman King Kong poster King Kong Umpire Arsenic and Old Lace poster Arsenic and Old Lace Plant Security Officer Saboteur poster Saboteur Cop The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms poster The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms Cop Anchors Aweigh poster Anchors Aweigh Mounted Policeman The Clock poster The Clock Larry the Bartender Anna Christie poster Anna Christie Policeman The Penalty poster The Penalty Court Clerk A Free Soul poster A Free Soul Tim American Madness poster American Madness Waiter Calling Bill to Phone Red Headed Woman poster Red Headed Woman Steve - Bartender The Public Enemy poster The Public Enemy Flop House Proprietor After the Thin Man poster After the Thin Man McCord's Aide 'G' Men poster 'G' Men Sideshow Spectator I'm No Angel poster I'm No Angel Bailiff Manhattan Melodrama poster Manhattan Melodrama Banquet Photographer Murders in the Zoo poster Murders in the Zoo Detective Penthouse poster Penthouse Guard at Jail Black Legion poster Black Legion Theatre Doorman The Great Ziegfeld poster The Great Ziegfeld Detective The Thin Man poster The Thin Man Reporter Theodora Goes Wild poster Theodora Goes Wild Gambler Show Boat poster Show Boat Detective Angels with Dirty Faces poster Angels with Dirty Faces Bailiff #1 A Star Is Born poster A Star Is Born Hotel Detective Easy Living poster Easy Living Train Announcer Idiot's Delight poster Idiot's Delight 1st Detective San Quentin poster San Quentin Head of State Patrol The Perfect Specimen poster The Perfect Specimen Bailiff You Can't Take It with You poster You Can't Take It with You Corridor Guard You Only Live Once poster You Only Live Once Bailiff The Roaring Twenties poster The Roaring Twenties Man Fighting Oil Fire Boom Town poster Boom Town Policeman Henry Holden at Drugstore High Sierra poster High Sierra Police Officer Pegasee It All Came True poster It All Came True Cab Driver Sitting on Cab Stranger on the Third Floor poster Stranger on the Third Floor Turnkey All Through the Night poster All Through the Night Cop Copacabana poster Copacabana Detective Gentleman Jim poster Gentleman Jim First Railroad Yardman Grand Central Murder poster Grand Central Murder Dan High Wall poster High Wall Neighbor Champagne for Caesar poster Champagne for Caesar Posse Member Devil's Doorway poster Devil's Doorway Policeman Knock on Any Door poster Knock on Any Door Stage Manager Take Me Out to the Ball Game poster Take Me Out to the Ball Game Guest at Governor's Mansion The Baron of Arizona poster The Baron of Arizona Fire Captain The Fuller Brush Man poster The Fuller Brush Man Theatre Electrician Nothing Sacred poster Nothing Sacred Detective Double Dynamite poster Double Dynamite Information Desk Guard The Blue Gardenia poster The Blue Gardenia Juror The Fountainhead poster The Fountainhead Gambler Red River poster Red River First Policeman in Hogarth's Office Scarlet Street poster Scarlet Street Police Telephone Operator In This Our Life poster In This Our Life Detective The Talk of the Town poster The Talk of the Town Policeman at opera A Night at the Opera poster A Night at the Opera Referee Horse Feathers poster Horse Feathers City Engineer The Magnetic Monster poster The Magnetic Monster Policeman The Turning Point poster The Turning Point Prison Tower Guard White Heat poster White Heat Ed Brady - Angry Laundry Worker Heroes for Sale poster Heroes for Sale Jailer Kansas City Confidential poster Kansas City Confidential Lieutenant-Commander Action in the North Atlantic poster Action in the North Atlantic Lee Big Brown Eyes poster Big Brown Eyes Waiter-Singer She Done Him Wrong poster She Done Him Wrong Guard Each Dawn I Die poster Each Dawn I Die Denver House Bartender The Return of Frank James poster The Return of Frank James Arthur - Speakeasy Host Blondie of the Follies poster Blondie of the Follies 1st Policeman at Buck's Hideout Brother Orchid poster Brother Orchid Soldier #2 Joan of Arc poster Joan of Arc Bailiff They Won't Believe Me poster They Won't Believe Me Reporter I Cover the Waterfront poster I Cover the Waterfront Second Lookout Frisco Kid poster Frisco Kid Bus Announcer Internes Can't Take Money poster Internes Can't Take Money Police Officer The Window poster The Window Barnes Andy Hardy's Private Secretary poster Andy Hardy's Private Secretary Cop in Police Car You're Telling Me! poster You're Telling Me! Taylor The Trail of the Lonesome Pine poster The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Hotel Guest Grand Hotel poster Grand Hotel Plainclothesman at Palais Royale Dance, Girl, Dance poster Dance, Girl, Dance Prison Jailer Frisco Jenny poster Frisco Jenny Sheriff You Can't Cheat an Honest Man poster You Can't Cheat an Honest Man Chauffeur The File on Thelma Jordon poster The File on Thelma Jordon Detective Doherty The Criminal Code poster The Criminal Code Cop Walk a Crooked Mile poster Walk a Crooked Mile Member of Court-Martial Board Unconquered poster Unconquered Guard at Police Station Blues in the Night poster Blues in the Night Detective at Cary's Office The Face Behind the Mask poster The Face Behind the Mask Police Officer Nobody Lives Forever poster Nobody Lives Forever Pirate's Club Bartender Our Relations poster Our Relations Motorcycle Cop Father of the Bride poster Father of the Bride Player The Harvey Girls poster The Harvey Girls Louie - the Bartender The Champ poster The Champ Party Guest The Divorcee poster The Divorcee Bartender California poster California Train Fireman Duel in the Sun poster Duel in the Sun City Council Member Magic Town poster Magic Town

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