Paul McMichael quotes in movies

Airport traveler Catch Me If You Can poster Catch Me If You Can Fight Fan Million Dollar Baby poster Million Dollar Baby Seminar attendee Magnolia poster Magnolia Student Boogie Nights poster Boogie Nights Student Coach Carter poster Coach Carter Fan at Carnegie Hall / 'Taxi' Audience Member Man on the Moon poster Man on the Moon JFK Fan / Greeter Thirteen Days poster Thirteen Days Flesh Fairgoer A I  Artificial Intelligence poster A I Artificial Intelligence Nerdy Convention Goer Galaxy Quest poster Galaxy Quest Wedding Guest The Birdcage poster The Birdcage Frightened Pedestrian Bird Box poster Bird Box Basketball Fan Space Jam poster Space Jam Fight Fan Ali poster Ali Student Legally Blonde poster Legally Blonde Young child in mall Innerspace poster Innerspace Ball boy The Longest Yard poster The Longest Yard Juilliard Student The Soloist poster The Soloist Award show attendee Tropic Thunder poster Tropic Thunder Concert Fan Rock Star poster Rock Star Paul McCartney Blast from the Past poster Blast from the Past College Student Pirates of Silicon Valley poster Pirates of Silicon Valley Biff (live action) Moonwalker poster Moonwalker Airport Traveler The Family Man poster The Family Man Student A Cinderella Story poster A Cinderella Story Student Crazy/Beautiful poster Crazy/Beautiful Audience Member Primary Colors poster Primary Colors Young teen outside laundromat Throw Momma from the Train poster Throw Momma from the Train Concert goer Rat Race poster Rat Race Student Deep Impact poster Deep Impact Good Burger and Mondo Burger Customer Good Burger poster Good Burger Traveler on Plane Argo poster Argo Student Not Another Teen Movie poster Not Another Teen Movie Photographer at basketball game Bedazzled poster Bedazzled Pedestrian Charlie's Angels poster Charlie's Angels Villager Mafia! poster Mafia! Student Bean poster Bean Student Senseless poster Senseless Carnival Attendee The Net poster The Net Student Higher Learning poster Higher Learning Newsie Newsies poster Newsies Monster Truck Fan Serving Sara poster Serving Sara Club patron Body Shots poster Body Shots Student Teaching Mrs  Tingle poster Teaching Mrs Tingle Nightclub Patron Gun Shy poster Gun Shy Race Fan Biker Boyz poster Biker Boyz Student Evolution poster Evolution Basketball Fan Like Mike poster Like Mike Wrestling Fan Ready to Rumble poster Ready to Rumble Debate Audience Member Speechless poster Speechless Soldier Almost Heroes poster Almost Heroes Popcorn vendor BASEketball poster BASEketball Student Angus poster Angus Kid at puppet show Moving Violations poster Moving Violations Press at Basketball Game Little Nicky poster Little Nicky Fan Semi Pro poster Semi Pro Young boy in alley getting mugged Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment poster Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment Party guest Yours, Mine & Ours poster Yours, Mine & Ours Fan in Stands Austin Powers in Goldmember poster Austin Powers in Goldmember Townsperson Clockstoppers poster Clockstoppers Daughter at sperm bank (Lifescenes Magazine Celebrity Sperm... Amazon Women on the Moon poster Amazon Women on the Moon Wossamotta U. student The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle poster The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle Student Orange County poster Orange County Carnival Goer Mighty Joe Young poster Mighty Joe Young Student I'll Be Home for Christmas poster I'll Be Home for Christmas

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