Peter Jason quotes in movies

Senator Sherwood Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom poster Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Defense Attorney Adaptation poster Adaptation Gilbert They Live poster They Live USS Reuben James Commander The Hunt for Red October poster The Hunt for Red October Alan Baird Milk poster Milk Mr. Paul In the Mouth of Madness poster In the Mouth of Madness Soccer Coach The Karate Kid poster The Karate Kid Reporter Max Seabiscuit poster Seabiscuit Harry Streets of Fire poster Streets of Fire Dr. Paul Leahy Prince of Darkness poster Prince of Darkness Cowboy Bartender 48 Hrs poster 48 Hrs Chuck Fleming Brewster's Millions poster Brewster's Millions Major Devin Heartbreak Ridge poster Heartbreak Ridge Oakland TV Announcer Undisputed poster Undisputed Additional Voices The Secret World of Arrietty poster The Secret World of Arrietty Henry Beechwood Arachnophobia poster Arachnophobia Suit Surviving Christmas poster Surviving Christmas Clark Kicking & Screaming poster Kicking & Screaming The Pinkertons The Long Riders poster The Long Riders Lt. Forsythe Rio Lobo poster Rio Lobo Norman Gates Dante's Peak poster Dante's Peak Con Stapleton Deadwood: The Movie poster Deadwood: The Movie Ranger Troy Andrews Willow Creek poster Willow Creek McSimms Ghosts of Mars poster Ghosts of Mars Duty Sergeant Escape from L A poster Escape from L A Master Boyd Mortal Kombat poster Mortal Kombat Gent (segment "The Gas Station") Body Bags poster Body Bags Stu Live from Baghdad poster Live from Baghdad Santa Annie Claus Is Coming to Town poster Annie Claus Is Coming to Town Director Hail, Caesar! poster Hail, Caesar! Almaden Lawyer Cesar Chavez poster Cesar Chavez Pete Stone Marked for Death poster Marked for Death Dave McCandless Wild Bill poster Wild Bill TV Announcer Red Heat poster Red Heat Honcho #1 Some Kind of Hero poster Some Kind of Hero Mr. Bonet Johnny Handsome poster Johnny Handsome Bill Gartin Employee of the Month poster Employee of the Month Pepsi Executive #4 Mommie Dearest poster Mommie Dearest Babcock Dreamscape poster Dreamscape Mr. Janus Congo poster Congo Man in Truck Impulse poster Impulse Millie's Father The Glimmer Man poster The Glimmer Man Ben Blum Village of the Damned poster Village of the Damned Allen Butterfly poster Butterfly Confessions of an Action Star poster Confessions of an Action Star President Demsky Alien Apocalypse poster Alien Apocalypse Grover The Other Side of the Wind poster The Other Side of the Wind The John Angel poster Angel Fedorchuk Alien Nation poster Alien Nation Malcolm O'Keefe Trick or Treats poster Trick or Treats Commuter The Driver poster The Driver Owen Carnes Justified poster Justified Ghost of Chester Bainbridge Perfect Strangers poster Perfect Strangers Bennett The Incredible Hulk poster The Incredible Hulk Mr. Schmect A Different World poster A Different World Car Salesman John from Cincinnati poster John from Cincinnati Mason Batman: The Animated Series poster Batman: The Animated Series Manny The New Batman Adventures poster The New Batman Adventures Con Stapleton Deadwood poster Deadwood Bobby Nacht Pinky and the Brain poster Pinky and the Brain

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