Ray Teal quotes in movies

Judge Curtiss Ives Judgment at Nuremberg poster Judgment at Nuremberg Sheriff Gus Kretzer Ace in the Hole poster Ace in the Hole Mr. Mollett The Best Years of Our Lives poster The Best Years of Our Lives Jessie H. Dunlap Inherit the Wind poster Inherit the Wind Cop in Car Barn Slugged by Dix The Asphalt Jungle poster The Asphalt Jungle Policeman at Bus Depot Road House poster Road House Man in Street Interviewee The Absent Minded Professor poster The Absent Minded Professor Assistant Movie Director Anchors Aweigh poster Anchors Aweigh Michael O'Shawn Captain Kidd poster Captain Kidd Oremski None Shall Escape poster None Shall Escape Police Officer Standing Next to Mounted Policeman The Clock poster The Clock Watchman I Love You Again poster I Love You Again Guard Strange Cargo poster Strange Cargo Jackson - Guard Brute Force poster Brute Force Police Lieutenant High Wall poster High Wall Driver Madame Curie poster Madame Curie Ed Burma Ramrod poster Ramrod Cab Driver Shadow of the Thin Man poster Shadow of the Thin Man Motorcycle Cop The Big Shot poster The Big Shot Married Sports Reporter Woman of the Year poster Woman of the Year California Border Inspector Gun Crazy poster Gun Crazy Tax Collector Samson and Delilah poster Samson and Delilah Bartender The Man from Colorado poster The Man from Colorado Doctor The Snake Pit poster The Snake Pit Seagrue Whispering Smith poster Whispering Smith Marching Soldier Sergeant York poster Sergeant York Sheriff Joe Borden Where Danger Lives poster Where Danger Lives Marshall Noonan Winchester '73 poster Winchester '73 Pawnbroker Ziegfeld Girl poster Ziegfeld Girl Emmett Dalton Montana Belle poster Montana Belle Allen Carrie poster Carrie Complaining Electrical Worker Home Town Story poster Home Town Story Sheriff of Seymour Rage at Dawn poster Rage at Dawn Frank Bleeker The Wild One poster The Wild One Justice J.B. Wilson Chisum poster Chisum Barney One Eyed Jacks poster One Eyed Jacks Jensen Sieverts Gunman's Walk poster Gunman's Walk Brick Larson Saddle the Wind poster Saddle the Wind Salt Pork The Guns of Fort Petticoat poster The Guns of Fort Petticoat Sheriff Run for Cover poster Run for Cover Gabe Clevenger Fort Worth poster Fort Worth Bus Driver Desert Fury poster Desert Fury Police Commanding Officer Raw Deal poster Raw Deal Barfly They Died with Their Boots On poster They Died with Their Boots On Clint The Turning Point poster The Turning Point State Trooper Sergeant My Favorite Brunette poster My Favorite Brunette Lt. Col. Roberts Back to Bataan poster Back to Bataan Morgan The Indian Fighter poster The Indian Fighter Brig. Gen. W.W. Timmons Jumping Jacks poster Jumping Jacks Morley Chase Decision at Sundown poster Decision at Sundown State Police Lt. Fredericks The Desperate Hours poster The Desperate Hours 2nd Subway Policeman ('Limehouse Blues') Ziegfeld Follies poster Ziegfeld Follies Bertrand de Poulengy - Squire Joan of Arc poster Joan of Arc Shipyard Worker Once Upon a Time poster Once Upon a Time Buck Road to Rio poster Road to Rio Pvt. Mohair Distant Drums poster Distant Drums Army Captain Pursued poster Pursued Day Deputy in Hospital Prison Ward No Way Out poster No Way Out Mr. Calloway Band of Angels poster Band of Angels Koslick, a Miner The Miracle of the Bells poster The Miracle of the Bells German Soldier with Binoculars and Grenade The North Star poster The North Star Neal Howison Canyon Passage poster Canyon Passage Motorcycle Cop Dead Reckoning poster Dead Reckoning Man at Bar The Men poster The Men Second Man Outside Barber Shop The Thin Man Goes Home poster The Thin Man Goes Home Police Sergeant Walk a Crooked Mile poster Walk a Crooked Mile Soldier in the Gilded Beaver Unconquered poster Unconquered Conductor The Harvey Girls poster The Harvey Girls

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