Shep Houghton quotes in movies

Senate Hearing Spectator The Godfather: Part II poster The Godfather: Part II Speakeasy Patron Some Like It Hot poster Some Like It Hot Courtroom Spectator Judgment at Nuremberg poster Judgment at Nuremberg Southern Dandy Gone with the Wind poster Gone with the Wind Townsman Inherit the Wind poster Inherit the Wind Casino Patron The Big Sleep poster The Big Sleep Bystander Escape from the Planet of the Apes poster Escape from the Planet of the Apes Ballroom Dancer Shadow of a Doubt poster Shadow of a Doubt Ozmite / Winkie Guard The Wizard of Oz poster The Wizard of Oz Slave Spartacus poster Spartacus Specialty Dancer Around the World in 80 Days poster Around the World in 80 Days Fisherman Man's Favorite Sport? poster Man's Favorite Sport? Party Guest Mildred Pierce poster Mildred Pierce Musicologist What's Up, Doc? poster What's Up, Doc? Dancer Hello, Dolly! poster Hello, Dolly! Restaurant Patron Topaz poster Topaz Soldier Julius Caesar poster Julius Caesar Soldier The Robe poster The Robe Casino Patron The Conspirators poster The Conspirators Street Kid Underworld poster Underworld Chorus Boy 42nd Street poster 42nd Street Dancer A Midsummer Night's Dream poster A Midsummer Night's Dream Soldier The Charge of the Light Brigade poster The Charge of the Light Brigade Dancer Born to Dance poster Born to Dance Roman Soldier Cleopatra poster Cleopatra Club Patron Libeled Lady poster Libeled Lady Dancer The Great Ziegfeld poster The Great Ziegfeld Bar Patron The Big Broadcast of 1938 poster The Big Broadcast of 1938 Young Recruit The Dawn Patrol poster The Dawn Patrol Waiter Topper poster Topper Nightclub Patron The Roaring Twenties poster The Roaring Twenties Party Guest Road to Singapore poster Road to Singapore Saloon Brawler Boom Town poster Boom Town Circus Patron At the Circus poster At the Circus Nightclub Patron Gentleman's Agreement poster Gentleman's Agreement Party Guest Annie Get Your Gun poster Annie Get Your Gun Restaurant Patron Easter Parade poster Easter Parade Party Guest Enchantment poster Enchantment Townsman Moonrise poster Moonrise Party Guest My Dream Is Yours poster My Dream Is Yours Club Patron The Great Lie poster The Great Lie Chorus Boy Ziegfeld Girl poster Ziegfeld Girl Theatre Patron April in Paris poster April in Paris Club Patron My Favorite Spy poster My Favorite Spy Specialty Dancer Show Boat poster Show Boat Club Patron The Stooge poster The Stooge Union Soldier The Red Badge of Courage poster The Red Badge of Courage Pedestrian He Ran All the Way poster He Ran All the Way Party Guest High Society poster High Society Medical Student Not as a Stranger poster Not as a Stranger Bit Part Imitation of Life poster Imitation of Life Party Guest The Wings of Eagles poster The Wings of Eagles Party Guest Cult of the Cobra poster Cult of the Cobra Sam Scheffing Send Me No Flowers poster Send Me No Flowers Restaurant Patron Our Man Flint poster Our Man Flint Nightclub Patron Lover Come Back poster Lover Come Back Reporter The Ugly American poster The Ugly American Casino Patron The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes poster The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes Detective The Boston Strangler poster The Boston Strangler Restaurant Patron Valley of the Dolls poster Valley of the Dolls Military Attache Invasion, U S A poster Invasion, U S A Board Member The Great Impostor poster The Great Impostor Clerk The Crowded Sky poster The Crowded Sky Officer at Christmas Party Captain Newman, M D poster Captain Newman, M D Party Guest at Ball The Sun Shines Bright poster The Sun Shines Bright German Soldier To Be or Not to Be poster To Be or Not to Be Dancer Flying Down to Rio poster Flying Down to Rio Russian Youth The Last Command poster The Last Command Theatre Patron Lullaby of Broadway poster Lullaby of Broadway Party Guest Three the Hard Way poster Three the Hard Way Helicopter Crewman The Monster That Challenged the World poster The Monster That Challenged the World Elephant Rider Billy Rose's Jumbo poster Billy Rose's Jumbo Man at Airport Back Street poster Back Street Specialty Dancer Copper Canyon poster Copper Canyon Deacon What's the Matter with Helen? poster What's the Matter with Helen? Union Member The Garment Jungle poster The Garment Jungle Celebration Guest Nice Girl? poster Nice Girl? Nightclub Patron Jailhouse Rock poster Jailhouse Rock Nightclub Patron The Leopard Man poster The Leopard Man Courtroom Spectator The Return of Frank James poster The Return of Frank James Club Patron Lured poster Lured Ball Attendee The Swan poster The Swan Party Guest The Thrill of It All poster The Thrill of It All Nightclub Patron Phffft poster Phffft New York Club Patron Brigadoon poster Brigadoon Rodeo Spectator Ride 'Em Cowboy poster Ride 'Em Cowboy Engineer The Reluctant Astronaut poster The Reluctant Astronaut Pedestrian Change of Habit poster Change of Habit French Soldier Joan of Arc poster Joan of Arc Intern Inside Daisy Clover poster Inside Daisy Clover Specialty Dancer Broadway Melody of 1940 poster Broadway Melody of 1940 Man at Campaign HQ The Last Hurrah poster The Last Hurrah Dancer The Gay Divorcee poster The Gay Divorcee Radio Operator: Hand Close-ups The Hindenburg poster The Hindenburg Club Patron The Spiral Road poster The Spiral Road Dinner Guest Designing Woman poster Designing Woman Minor Role Kitten with a Whip poster Kitten with a Whip Policeman Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? poster Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Specialty Dancer Black Angel poster Black Angel Audience Member Critic's Choice poster Critic's Choice Officer Dancer In the Navy poster In the Navy Dancer For Me and My Gal poster For Me and My Gal Hotel Guest Do Not Disturb poster Do Not Disturb Party Guest Thoroughly Modern Millie poster Thoroughly Modern Millie Club Patron Flower Drum Song poster Flower Drum Song Technician It's Always Fair Weather poster It's Always Fair Weather Ball Guest The Day of the Locust poster The Day of the Locust Gladiator Androcles and the Lion poster Androcles and the Lion Specialty Dancer Gold Diggers of 1935 poster Gold Diggers of 1935 Paratrooper Objective, Burma! poster Objective, Burma!

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