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What are clothes

You've changed, Joseph. How? Well, your clothes, for one thing. Oh, well, what are...

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Rev. Thomas Garfield:
You've changed, Joseph.
Joseph Foster:
Rev. Thomas Garfield:
Well, your clothes, for one thing.
Joseph Foster:
Oh, well, what are clothes?
Rev. Thomas Garfield:
And there are rumors about you and Miss Allen. I know I shouldn't mention them, or the story that you and Martha are estranged. Is it true?
Joseph Foster:
Well, in a way... What's my personal trouble got to do with it?
Rev. Thomas Garfield:
They're all indications of change. Then there's the influence that this Nick Beal seems to have over you.
Joseph Foster:
Influence, nothing. He loaned me some money and I'll pay it back, and that's all.
Rev. Thomas Garfield:
I wonder. Have you signed anything with him, any sort of contract?
Joseph Foster:
Of course not. What are you driving at?
Rev. Thomas Garfield:
I don't know exactly, but there's something strange about him, something eerie.
Joseph Foster:
It's a pose to impress people.
Rev. Thomas Garfield:
How did he get out of your house the night we were there? Why was he afraid to read the Bible?
Joseph Foster:
Are you serious?
Rev. Thomas Garfield:
I know I can't be, but I am. And there's another thing - somewhere I've seen a portrait of him, a medieval drawing or woodcut. I'm trying to remember where.
Joseph Foster:
A drawing as what?
Rev. Thomas Garfield:
Joseph Foster:
We're in the 20th century, Tom. Nobody's believed in such things since the Salem witch burnings. Besides, aren't there a few items missing? Where's the tail and the horns? Where's the smell of sulfur and brimstone? And where's the contract you're talking about, signed in blood and promising the delivery of one slightly used soul?
Rev. Thomas Garfield:
Maybe the devil knows it's the 20th century too, Joseph.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.038
Would you mind telling me your name
00:00:02.056 --> 00:00:04.085
Around here it's Beal Nick Beal
00:00:04.085 --> 00:00:06.058
I thought you two had met
00:00:06.058 --> 00:00:07.058
This is Dr Garfield
00:00:07.006 --> 00:00:08.014
I know
00:00:08.014 --> 00:00:09.085
But we've got to get along Come on Miss Allen
00:00:09.088 --> 00:00:11.037
I'm sorry if I seemed rude
00:00:11.071 --> 00:00:13.071
I had a strange feeling I'd seen you before
00:00:13.075 --> 00:00:15.057
I don't do much business with preachers
00:00:17.041 --> 00:00:18.003
Alright fellows
00:00:18.036 --> 00:00:19.002
Form over here
00:00:19.022 --> 00:00:21.029
Come on come on let's go
00:00:23.098 --> 00:00:25.999
Hello Larry
00:00:25.009 --> 00:00:26.013
How are you doing
00:00:26.017 --> 00:00:27.005
OK I guess Mr Foster
00:00:27.054 --> 00:00:28.068
That's the ticket
00:00:29.086 --> 00:00:32.046
We have an old fashioned custom here Mr Beal
00:00:32.072 --> 00:00:34.072
Every afternoon at the end of the day

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Uploaded: 09 November, 2022
Genres: drama, fantasy, film-noir
Summary: A district attorney rises to political success and the governorship but loses his sense of morality once he starts associating with the shadowy and perhaps diabolical Nick Beal.


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Rev. Thomas Garfield - George Macready
Joseph Foster - Thomas Mitchell