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Mary Horowitz writes crossword puzzles for the Sacramento Herald. She's loquacious to a fault. When kids at a career day make fun of her for being single, she accepts a blind date with Steve, the cameraman for a CNN-like news network. Within minutes she decides he's the man for her. He's quickly put off by her constant verbiage and over-the-top advances; he makes an off-hand remark about going on the road with her, and splits. She's moonstruck, writes a sappy crossword puzzle, loses her job, and decides to follow him as the news team crisscrosses the Southwest; Steve's team eggs her on. Then she falls in a mine shaft, and she and Steve become a story; is it a love story?

Director: Phil Traill
Writer: Kim Barker
Production: N/A
Genre: comedy, romance
Year: 2009
MetaScore: 17/100
ImdbRating: 4.8
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 04 Sep 2009
Awards: 2 wins & 3 nominations.

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Mary Horowitz - Sandra Bullock
Angus - Ken Jeong
Howard - DJ Qualls
Mr. Horowitz - Howard Hesseman
Corbitt - Keith David
Mrs. Horowitz - Beth Grant
Elizabeth - Katy Mixon
Norm the Truck Driver - M.C. Gainey
Soloman - Holmes Osborne
Little Deaf Girl - Delaney Hamilton
Vasquez - Jason Jones
Rescue Supervisor (as Carlos Gomez) - Carlos Gómez
Protestor Lydia - Luenell
ABC News Producer - Joe D'Angerio
Bus Driver - Shanda Laurent
Miss Hancock (as Kerri Kenney-Silver) - Kerri Kenney
KNYT Reporter - Stephanie Venditto
KNYT Sound Tech - P.J. Marino
Retired Mine Supervisor - Wayne Grace
Skinny Fireman - Mickey Giacomazzi
Large Kid - Noah Munck
Mini-Mary - Bridget Shergalis
Mine Safety Expert - James Martin Kelly
Young Rescuer (as Andrew Caldwell) - Andrew Lewis Caldwell
Assistant - Bryan Moore
Booby Botanist - Rachel Sterling
CCN Meteorologist - Jackie Johnson
Maintenance Guy - Regino Montes
Daniel - Elliott Cho
Deaf Boy - Justin Grafman
Hipster Girl - Joy Darash
Geraldo Rivera - Geraldo Rivera
Old Lady - Beverly Polcyn
Paula (as Misha Di Bono) - Misha Dibono
Payroll Clerk - Dori Kancher
Security Guard (as Bone Hampton) - Vernard 'Bone' Hampton
Crossword Businessman - Hari Kondabolu
Protestor Winston - Jordan Morris
Horowitz House Reporter #1 - Dorie Barton
Horowitz House Reporter #2 - Patrick Brown
Horowitz House Reporter #3 (as Alvera De Leon) - Alvera DeLeon
Misc. (Female) News Reporter - Gillian Vigman
BBC Reporter - Michael Joseph Carr
MSNBC Reporter - Larry Dorf
Guest Expert - Darcy Fowers
Young Protester - Charlyne Yi
Another Reporter - Hollie Stenson
Firefighter (as Paul Beller III) - Paul Beller
Reporter #1 - Kurt Ela
Receptionist (as Kelli Kirkland Powers) - Kelli Kirkland
Patient - Lucy Davis
Colorado State Trooper - Andre Alexsen
Protester on Hill - Moises Amaya
Mrs. Yamamoto - Hira Ambrosino
Cast Worker - Sandra Berry
Saloon Gal - DeeDee Bigelow
Reporter #4 - Carolyn Christian
Rescue Worker - Kevin Copelan
Reporter - Martin Dew
Park Bench Girl - Judy Dinella
Reporter - Ken Edling
CCN Arabic News Anchor - Nick Hodaly
Psychiatrist with Crossword Puzzle - Eddie Jemison
Hippie Protestor - Janis Jones
Hippie Protester - Gregg Lee
Hippie Protester - Rae Sunshine Lee
BSBC Cameraman - Patterson Lundquist
Australian News Anchor - Benedict Macdonald
14 Year Old Girl - Brittany Mason
Rescuer - John Robert
Houston Anchor - Sara Sanderson
Reporter - Carol Shook
Crowd Instigator - Antonio T. Tillman
Park Bench Guy - JonJon Wood