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After the earth-shattering revelations of INSURGENT, Tris must escape with Four and go beyond the wall enclosing Chicago. For the first time ever, they will leave the only city and family they have ever known. Once outside, old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless with the revelation of shocking new truths. Tris and Four must quickly decide who they can trust as a ruthless battle ignites beyond the walls of Chicago which threatens all of humanity. In order to survive, Tris will be forced to make impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice and love.

Director: Robert Schwentke
Writer: Noah Oppenheim (screenplay), Adam Cooper (screenplay), Bill Collage (screenplay), Veronica Roth (novel)
Production: Lionsgate
Year: 2016
MetaScore: 33/100
ImdbRating: 5.7
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 18 Mar 2016
Awards: 3 wins & 11 nominations.

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Four - Theo James
Evelyn - Naomi Watts
Johanna - Octavia Spencer
David - Jeff Daniels
Christina - Zoë Kravitz
Caleb - Ansel Elgort
Peter - Miles Teller
Jack Kang - Daniel Dae Kim
Tori - Maggie Q
Edgar - Jonny Weston
Romit - Andy Bean
Marcus - Ray Stevenson
Natalie - Ashley Judd
Young David - Josh Duvendeck
Phillip - Xander Berkeley
Fringe Child - Billy 4 Johnston
Fringe Father - Thomas Blake Jr.
Jasper - Konrad Howard
Eulis - Theo Howard
Checkpoint Guard - Ben Levin
Factionless Guard (as Nicky Javon McNeil) - Nick J. McNeil
Factionless Guard - Kyle Clements
Council Member - Maria Howell
Edith Prior - Janet McTeer
Trial Factionless Dissenter - Courtney Hope
Trial Factionless Dissenter - Andrew Farmer
Trial Factionless Dissenter - Joe Knezevich
Trial Factionless Supporter - Dwayne Boyd
Trial Factionless Supporter - Kara Cantrell
Trial Amity Allegiant Member - Garrett Graham
Trial Amity Allegiant Member - Scott Poythress
Trial Candor Allegiant Member - Blake Webb
Trial Dauntless Allegiant Member - Rachel Hendrix
Trial Erudite Allegiant Member - Annie Humphrey
Natalie's Friend - Emily Grace Dunn
Natalie's Friend - Danielle Lyn
Natalie's Friend - Alana Cavanaugh
Natalie's Friend - Abigail Weissert
Bureau Soldier / Team Leader - John Gabriel
Erudite Prisoner (Trial) - Morgan Henard
Caleb's Guard - Nick Madrick
Bureau Staff - Allie McCulloch
Bureau Staff - Candace B. Harris
Trial Candor Member - Deja Dee
Trial Erudite Member - Ryan Ashton
Trial Dauntless Member - Julianna Stasio
Trial Factionless Member - Shane Callahan
Trial Factionless Member - Al Vicente
Most Scared Factionless - Derek Roberts
Factionless Squad Leader - Zeeko Zaki
One Last Factionless - Mark Hicks
Fringer - Louis Alexander
Fringer - Eric Mendenhall
Fringe Parent - Julie Ivey
Fringe Parent - Suehyla El-Attar
Fringe Parent - Erin Elizabeth Burns
Startled Factionless (Erudite Corridor) - Alan D'Antoni
Factionless Soldier - David An
Factionless Soldier - James McGrady
Crush Girl - Adin Steckler
Crush Girl - Hannah Alligood
Hot Teacher - Rebecca Ray
Young Four - Ian Belgard
Perfexia Father - Gary Weeks
Perfexia Mother - Greer Howard
Perfexia Child - Malachi Faddis
Perfexia Doctor - David Kronawitter
Perfexia Nurse - Tara Ochs
Perfexia Medical Technician - Jamie Renell
Perfexia Patient - Jose Miguel Vasquez
Perfexia Grandma - Kaleka
Perfexia Uncle - Michael Beasley
Perfexia Son In Law - Anthony K. Hyatt
Perfexia Daughter - Pam Smith
Perfexia Grandson - Cache Thornton
Perfexia Granddaughter (as Legacy Brielle Phillips) - Legacy Phillips
Perfexia Toddler - Anniston Price
Perfexia Toddler - Hyla Venable
Erudite Freedom Fighter - Juan Alexander
Bureau Military - Nathaniel Allbright
Dauntless Rebel - Phil Armijo
Factionless Army - Jeffery Arseneau
Soldier - Kit Banks
Dauntless Rebel / Allegiant - Andrew Bansemer
Candor Freedom - Kimberly Battista
Dauntless Prisoner - Lyon Beckwith
Erudite Prisoner - Igor Bondaruk
Allegiant - Bradley Bowen
Factionless Soldier - Stephen Box
Bureau Drone Soldier - Brianna Boyer
Factionless Army Soldier - Dante Briggins
Factionless Army - Deaven Brooks
Erudite Dauntless - DuRa Brown
Fringe Kid - Jake Buffenbarger
Dauntless Rebel - Alexander Jesus Burgos
Factionless Army / Caleb Riser - Toshi Calderón
Factionless - Jordanne Calvin
Bureau Army - John M. Carpenter
Bureau Army - Timothy Carr
Bureau Army - Daniel Carrasquillo
Candor Allegiant - Melissa Chandler
Factionless Soldier - Conphidance
Factionless Army - Marisol Correa
Little Girl Blue and Brown Dress - Heidi Grace Danser
Factionless Soldier - Rankin Dean
Dauntless Rebel - Desha'
Groupie Babe #1 - Autumn Dial
Bureau Army Drone - Thomas Downing
Dauntless Rebel - Nea Dune
Erudite - Clint Edwards
Bureau Army Soldier - Heath Estep
Erudite - Michael Franji
Candor Lawyer - Fred Galle
Bureau Agent - Brent Moorer Gaskins
Dauntless Rebel / Allegiant - Martavious Gayles
Checkpoint Guard - Salar Ghajar
Fringe - Steven Gibson
Dauntless Rebel - James Gill
Freedom Fighter - Melissa Kay Glaze
Erudite - Brian Gonzalez
Factionless Army - Robert Dane Goodwin
Bureau Army - D.K. Greenley
Erudite - Derek Hahn
Dauntless Freedom / Drone Army - Ahnika Hendrickson
Fringe Kid - Danyl Hirsch
Dauntless Rebel - Jae Hitch
Factionless / Allegiant - Hannah Hope Holt
Featured Drone Soldier - Till Holt
Fringe Kid - Abigail Houck
Factionless Army - Carter Ian
Fringe Army - Nick Isenhour
Dauntless Rebel (Trial) - Rachel Jeanette
Amity / Allegiant - Clay Jeffries
Bureau Soldier - Ryann Jet
Amity / Allegiant - Avery M. Johnson
Factionless - Christopher Johnson
Bureau Army - Shawn Eric Jones
Amity - Lynne Jordan
Factionless - Sam Juergens
Factionless - Zero Kazama
Factionless Army - Jesse Kindred
Factionless (Trial) - Lainey Kloes
Factionless - Colin Lacativa
Bureau Drone Soldier - Sierra Laird
Candor - Roy Larsen
Bureau Army - Scott Ledbetter
Factionless Soldier - Connie Lee
Dauntless Rebel - Tommy Lentsch
Fringe Kid - Luke Loveless
Factionless Army - Zera Lynd
Dauntless Rebel - Ashley MacDonald
Bureau Army Medic - Lindsey McCollough
Fringe Parent - Wes McGee
Factionless Army - Bret McKee
Bureau Kid - Jack Michael
Dauntless Rebel - Valiant Michael
Bureau - Fox Mihal
Factionless Army Soldier - Noel Mirabal
Dauntless Rebel - Aaron Taylor Morrow
Bureau Army - Rob Muller
Factionless Army - Chris Mullins
Bureau - Brian Neal
Factionless Army - Logan O'Neill
Dauntless (Boxer) - Jeff Olsen
Factionless / Factionless Army - Max Ortiz Jr.
Drone Army - Bobby Lee Osborn
Dauntless Rebel - Justin Parks
Bureau - Anna Phillips
Dauntless Prisoner - Richard Pis
Bureau - Rachel Ponder
Erudite Faction Member - Brianna Poster
Factionless Army - David Powers
Natalie's Fringe Kid - Jordan Price
Perfexia Toddler - Tinsley Price
Factionless Army - My'Chyl Purr
Bureau Army - Kristin McKenzie Rice
Factionless Army - Dale Ritchey
Amity Allegiant - Megan Prater Robinson
Captured Fringe Boy - Eric Elijah Rogers
Fringe Army - Matthew Blake Rogers
Fringe - Allison Rowe
Bureau Army - Chris Russell
Bureau Kid - Jettzen Shea
Bureau / Non-Military - Daniel Patrick Shook
Factionless Army - Bobby Silva
Factionless Army - Ivy Smith
Candor - Chris Stein
Factionless - Kate Sterling
Young Natalie - Anna Stevenson
Allan - Bari Suzuki
Bureau Kid - Shelby Townsend
Jonny Weston Body Double - Zach Veatch
Drom Guard #2 - Ruben Vidal
Erudite Guard - Diego Ward
Dauntless / Erudite Soldier - Gary Watson
Factionless Soldier - Trevor Wolf
Farmer - Tiree Worley
Factionless Soldier - Perry Zulu Jr.