"Allegiant" quotes

Allegiant poster
Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton venture into the world outside of the fence and are taken into protective custody by a mysterious agency known as the Bureau of Genetic Welfare.

Director: Robert Schwentke
Writer: Noah Oppenheim, Adam Cooper, Bill Collage
Production: N/A
Year: 2016
MetaScore: 33/100
ImdbRating: 5.7
BoxOffice: $66,184,051
Released: 18 Mar 2016
Awards: 3 wins & 12 nominations

14 Clips


Four - Theo James
Evelyn - Naomi Watts
Johanna - Octavia Spencer
David - Jeff Daniels
Christina - Zoë Kravitz
Caleb - Ansel Elgort
Peter - Miles Teller
Jack Kang - Daniel Dae Kim
Tori - Maggie Q
Edgar - Jonny Weston
Romit - Andy Bean
Marcus - Ray Stevenson
Natalie - Ashley Judd
Young David - Josh Duvendeck
Phillip - Xander Berkeley
Fringe Child - Billy 4 Johnston
Fringe Father - Thomas Blake Jr.
Jasper - Konrad Howard
Eulis - Theo Howard
Checkpoint Guard - Ben Levin
Factionless Guard (as Nicky Javon McNeil) - Nick J. McNeil
Factionless Guard - Kyle Clements
Council Member - Maria Howell
Edith Prior - Janet McTeer
Trial Factionless Dissenter - Courtney Hope
Trial Factionless Dissenter - Andrew Farmer
Trial Factionless Dissenter - Joe Knezevich
Trial Factionless Supporter - Dwayne Boyd
Trial Factionless Supporter - Kara Cantrell
Trial Amity Allegiant Member - Garrett Graham
Trial Amity Allegiant Member - Scott Poythress
Trial Candor Allegiant Member - Blake Webb
Trial Dauntless Allegiant Member - Rachel Hendrix
Trial Erudite Allegiant Member - Annie Humphrey
Natalie's Friend - Emily Grace Dunn
Natalie's Friend - Danielle Lyn
Natalie's Friend - Alana Cavanaugh
Natalie's Friend - Abigail Weissert
Bureau Soldier / Team Leader - John Gabriel
Erudite Prisoner (Trial) - Morgan Henard
Caleb's Guard - Nick Madrick
Bureau Staff - Allie McCulloch
Bureau Staff - Candace B. Harris
Trial Candor Member - Deja Dee
Trial Erudite Member - Ryan Ashton
Trial Dauntless Member - Julianna Stasio
Trial Factionless Member - Shane Callahan
Trial Factionless Member - Al Vicente
Most Scared Factionless - Derek Roberts
Factionless Squad Leader - Zeeko Zaki
One Last Factionless - Mark Hicks
Fringer - Louis Alexander
Fringer - Eric Mendenhall
Fringe Parent - Julie Ivey
Fringe Parent - Suehyla El-Attar
Fringe Parent - Erin Elizabeth Burns
Startled Factionless (Erudite Corridor) - Alan D'Antoni
Factionless Soldier - David An
Factionless Soldier - James McGrady
Crush Girl - Adin Steckler
Crush Girl - Hannah Alligood
Hot Teacher - Rebecca Ray
Young Four - Ian Belgard
Perfexia Father - Gary Weeks
Perfexia Mother - Greer Howard
Perfexia Child - Malachi Faddis
Perfexia Doctor - David Kronawitter
Perfexia Nurse - Tara Ochs
Perfexia Medical Technician - Jamie Renell
Perfexia Patient - Jose Miguel Vasquez
Perfexia Grandma - Kaleka
Perfexia Uncle - Michael Beasley
Perfexia Son In Law - Anthony K. Hyatt
Perfexia Daughter - Pam Smith
Perfexia Grandson - Cache Thornton
Perfexia Granddaughter (as Legacy Brielle Phillips) - Legacy Phillips
Perfexia Toddler - Anniston Price
Perfexia Toddler - Hyla Venable
Erudite Freedom Fighter - Juan Alexander
Bureau Military - Nathaniel Allbright
Dauntless Rebel - Phil Armijo
Factionless Army - Jeffery Arseneau
Soldier - Kit Banks
Dauntless Rebel / Allegiant - Andrew Bansemer
Candor Freedom - Kimberly Battista
Dauntless Prisoner - Lyon Beckwith
Erudite Prisoner - Igor Bondaruk
Allegiant - Bradley Bowen
Factionless Soldier - Stephen Box
Bureau Drone Soldier - Brianna Boyer
Factionless Army Soldier - Dante Briggins
Factionless Army - Deaven Brooks
Erudite Dauntless - DuRa Brown
Fringe Kid - Jake Buffenbarger
Dauntless Rebel - Alexander Jesus Burgos
Factionless Army / Caleb Riser - Toshi Calderón
Factionless - Jordanne Calvin
Bureau Army - John M. Carpenter
Bureau Army - Timothy Carr
Bureau Army - Daniel Carrasquillo
Candor Allegiant - Melissa Chandler
Factionless Soldier - Conphidance
Factionless Army - Marisol Correa
Little Girl Blue and Brown Dress - Heidi Grace Danser
Factionless Soldier - Rankin Dean
Dauntless Rebel - Desha'
Groupie Babe #1 - Autumn Dial
Bureau Army Drone - Thomas Downing
Dauntless Rebel - Nea Dune
Erudite - Clint Edwards
Bureau Army Soldier - Heath Estep
Erudite - Michael Franji
Candor Lawyer - Fred Galle
Bureau Agent - Brent Moorer Gaskins
Dauntless Rebel / Allegiant - Martavious Gayles
Checkpoint Guard - Salar Ghajar
Fringe - Steven Gibson
Dauntless Rebel - James Gill
Freedom Fighter - Melissa Kay Glaze
Erudite - Brian Gonzalez
Factionless Army - Robert Dane Goodwin
Bureau Army - D.K. Greenley
Erudite - Derek Hahn
Dauntless Freedom / Drone Army - Ahnika Hendrickson
Fringe Kid - Danyl Hirsch
Dauntless Rebel - Jae Hitch
Factionless / Allegiant - Hannah Hope Holt
Featured Drone Soldier - Till Holt
Fringe Kid - Abigail Houck
Factionless Army - Carter Ian
Fringe Army - Nick Isenhour
Dauntless Rebel (Trial) - Rachel Jeanette
Amity / Allegiant - Clay Jeffries
Bureau Soldier - Ryann Jet
Amity / Allegiant - Avery M. Johnson
Factionless - Christopher Johnson
Bureau Army - Shawn Eric Jones
Amity - Lynne Jordan
Factionless - Sam Juergens
Factionless - Zero Kazama
Factionless Army - Jesse Kindred
Factionless (Trial) - Lainey Kloes
Factionless - Colin Lacativa
Bureau Drone Soldier - Sierra Laird
Candor - Roy Larsen
Bureau Army - Scott Ledbetter
Factionless Soldier - Connie Lee
Dauntless Rebel - Tommy Lentsch
Fringe Kid - Luke Loveless
Factionless Army - Zera Lynd
Dauntless Rebel - Ashley MacDonald
Bureau Army Medic - Lindsey McCollough
Fringe Parent - Wes McGee
Factionless Army - Bret McKee
Bureau Kid - Jack Michael
Dauntless Rebel - Valiant Michael
Bureau - Fox Mihal
Factionless Army Soldier - Noel Mirabal
Dauntless Rebel - Aaron Taylor Morrow
Bureau Army - Rob Muller
Factionless Army - Chris Mullins
Bureau - Brian Neal
Factionless Army - Logan O'Neill
Dauntless (Boxer) - Jeff Olsen
Factionless / Factionless Army - Max Ortiz Jr.
Drone Army - Bobby Lee Osborn
Dauntless Rebel - Justin Parks
Bureau - Anna Phillips
Dauntless Prisoner - Richard Pis
Bureau - Rachel Ponder
Erudite Faction Member - Brianna Poster
Factionless Army - David Powers
Natalie's Fringe Kid - Jordan Price
Perfexia Toddler - Tinsley Price
Factionless Army - My'Chyl Purr
Bureau Army - Kristin McKenzie Rice
Factionless Army - Dale Ritchey
Amity Allegiant - Megan Prater Robinson
Captured Fringe Boy - Eric Elijah Rogers
Fringe Army - Matthew Blake Rogers
Fringe - Allison Rowe
Bureau Army - Chris Russell
Bureau Kid - Jettzen Shea
Bureau / Non-Military - Daniel Patrick Shook
Factionless Army - Bobby Silva
Factionless Army - Ivy Smith
Candor - Chris Stein
Factionless - Kate Sterling
Young Natalie - Anna Stevenson
Allan - Bari Suzuki
Bureau Kid - Shelby Townsend
Jonny Weston Body Double - Zach Veatch
Drom Guard #2 - Ruben Vidal
Erudite Guard - Diego Ward
Dauntless / Erudite Soldier - Gary Watson
Factionless Soldier - Trevor Wolf
Farmer - Tiree Worley
Factionless Soldier - Perry Zulu Jr.