I didn't mean that
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Look Mister, someone's made a mistake here. I don't do fags . I didn't mean that. I don't...

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Julian Kaye:
Look Mister, someone's made a mistake here. I don't do fags .
Mr. Rheiman:
I didn't mean that.
Julian Kaye:
I don't do couples either.
Mr. Rheiman:
No no no. You don't understand. It's just my wife Judy - not me. Just her.
Julian Kaye:
Mr. Rheiman:
But I can watch?
Julian Kaye:
Of course.
Mr. Rheiman:
Would you - eh, like a drink?
Julian Kaye:
[Julian loosens his necktie]

Mr. Rheiman:
Not yet.
Julian Kaye:
I think i'd like my money now.
Mr. Rheiman:
Sure. Sure and I'd like to talk afterwards too.
[hands Julian a handful of folded notes]

Julian Kaye:
[Opens door to bedroom, they both walk in, Julian turns to stare at Rheiman. His wife is lying in bed naked. Julian walks over loosening his clothes]
Hello, Judy. You're a very sexy lady. A very good looking woman. A very pretty woman. You'll like me. I can tell, because I like you. I like you. So, just relax and close your eyes. just relax and let your mind run free. Don't worry about anything. I can take care of you. I know what you want.

Julian Kaye:
That's right. Close your eyes. Forget about him. This has nothing to do with him. This is just you and me.
Mr. Rheiman:
No, no, no, from behind. It has to be from behind.


00:00:02.494 --> 00:00:04.245
Come on. Tell me.
00:00:05.058 --> 00:00:08.916
When I said I didn't want to make love to you the other day,
00:00:09.000 --> 00:00:10.668
I didn't mean it.
00:00:10.919 --> 00:00:14.996
I want to fuck you. I always want to fuck you.
00:00:24.085 --> 00:00:26.934
Is that what you came to tell me?
00:00:27.001 --> 00:00:28.269
00:00:29.229 --> 00:00:32.044
Charles asked me to leave for two months.
00:00:32.899 --> 00:00:34.859
Till the primaries are over.
00:00:34.943 --> 00:00:36.061
I'm going to Rome.
00:00:41.116 --> 00:00:42.741
Two months.
00:00:46.999 --> 00:00:48.622
I'll be back! Wait for me.
00:00:53.336 --> 00:00:55.978
I don't know if I can.
00:00:56.256 --> 00:00:58.174
- The police searched my apartment... - Maybe Charles could help.
00:00:58.258 --> 00:01:00.384
Don't... That's not what I'm saying!
00:01:09.352 --> 00:01:11.562
I don't know what I'm saying.
00:01:20.053 --> 00:01:23.949
All my life I've been looking for something.
00:01:24.999 --> 00:01:26.041
I don't even know what it is.
00:01:26.495 --> 00:01:29.455
- Let me do it... - Maybe you're what I'm looking for.
00:01:35.999 --> 00:01:36.001
I gave Charles my word.
00:01:38.002 --> 00:01:39.673
I've got to go.
00:01:41.002 --> 00:01:42.001
It'll be all right.
00:01:45.999 --> 00:01:47.181
00:01:47.807 --> 00:01:49.001
I have to leave.

Clip duration: 110 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 01:25:25
Uploaded: 20 September, 2021
Genres: crime, drama, mystery
Summary: A Los Angeles male escort, who mostly caters to an older female clientèle, is accused of a murder which he did not commit.


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Mr. Rheiman - Tom Stewart