Your coat's all dirty
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Catch Your coat's all dirty, what happened? I tackled somebody today. Really? Yeah, he had...

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Catch Your coat's all dirty, what happened?
I tackled somebody today.
Yeah, he had the ball and he was running for a touchdown so I stopped him!
Will you please be serious Catch!
I met somebody, she's a police officer.
Really, I hope you didn't have to tackle her too!


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.093
Your coat's all dirty
00:00:03.302 --> 00:00:04.053
l tackled a guy
00:00:05.605 --> 00:00:07.436
Why did you tackle a guy
00:00:07.064 --> 00:00:09.087
He was going for a touchdown
00:00:10.041 --> 00:00:11.877
Can you be serious
00:00:12.645 --> 00:00:15.512
What day is it today Wednesday
00:00:15.715 --> 00:00:16.773
00:00:19.052 --> 00:00:21.145
l met somebody today Good
00:00:21.354 --> 00:00:25.012
Oh you got the broccolini Thank you
00:00:25.358 --> 00:00:26.552
lt was a woman
00:00:27.827 --> 00:00:30.728
You didn't tackle her too did you

Clip duration: 32 seconds
Views: 33
Timestamp in movie: 00:16:27
Uploaded: 01 April, 2022
Genres: drama, romance
Summary: A mysterious man is drawn to a feisty female police officer and a unusual relationship ensues, as not everything is as it seems.


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