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"Angels One Five" quotes

Angels One Five poster
The story of an RAF fighter squadron at the height of the Battle of Britain.

Director: George More O'Ferrall
Writer: Derek N. Twist, Pelham Groom
Production: Templar Productions
Genre: drama, war
Year: 1952
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.6
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 30 Apr 1954
Awards: 2 nominations total

5 Clips & Quotes


Group Capt. 'Tiger' Small - Jack Hawkins
Squadron Leader Peter Moon - Michael Denison
Squadron Leader Bill Ponsford - Andrew Osborn
Squadron Leader Barry Clinton - Cyril Raymond
Flight Lt. 'Batchy' Salter - Humphrey Lestocq
Pilot Officer 'Septic' Baird - John Gregson
Group Controller - Ronald Adam
Nadine Clinton - Dulcie Gray
Betty Carfax - Veronica Hurst
Aunt Tabitha - Amy Veness
Police Constable - Philip Stainton
Jacko - Pimpernel Pilot - John Barry
Pimpernel Pilot - Richard Dunn
Pimpernel Pilot - Elwyn Daniel
Raines - Pimpernel Pilot - Russell Hunter
P.O. Tony Raines - Pimpernel Pilot - Douglas Hurn
Pimpernel Pilot - Richard Levin
Falk - Pimpernel Pilot - Terence Longdon
Pimpernel Pilot - Donald McLisky
Pimpernel Pilot - Bryn Roberts
Mortimer - Pimpernel Pilot - Harold Siddons
'Bonzo' - Norman Pierce
Squadron Leader Marlow - Anthony Moore
Ops. B. - Gordon Bell
Army Liaison Officer - Neil Wilson
Ops. A. - Rosemary Lomax
W.A.A.F. - Vida Hope
W.A.A.F. - Marianne Stone
W.A.A.F. - Gillian Maude
W.A.A.F. - Freda Bamford
W.A.A.F. - Vari Falconer
W.A.A.F. - Karen Grayson
W.A.A.F. - Ann Lancaster
W.A.A.F. - Helen Stirling
W.A.A.F. - Wendy Remington
Adjutant - Colin Tapley
'Soss' - John Sharp
Medical Officer - Ewan Roberts
Intelligence Officer - Hugh Moxey
Engineer Officer - John Phillips
Station Warrant Officer - John Harvey
A.C. 2 Wailes - Harold Goodwin
Company Sergeant Major - Geoffrey Keen
Look Out - Harry Locke
Mess Waiter - Sam Kydd
Sentry - Peter Jones
Airman - Harry Fowler
Airman in Ops Room - Warwick Ashton
Prisoner Escort - George Crawford
Flight Controller - Jack Dearlove
Mess Waiter - Otto Friese
Airman in Officers Club - Victor Harrington
Housekeeper - Joan Hickson
Casey - Ambulance Driver - Joe Phelps
Mrs Falk - Mother at Party - Ambrosine Phillpotts
Guard with Wailes - Harold Sanderson
Airman - John Wilder