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Anna (Sasha Luss) is a young beautiful girl who managed to make a career in the fashion world. More recently, she was a simple model from Moscow, but in a very short time, she was able to enter the elite. Once she entered the hotel of an influential and very dangerous person, after which a whole mountain of corpses was discovered there. The girl is being interrogated by special services, but she has absolutely nothing to tell them on this fact. She looks scared, and no one suspects her. Anna goes free and begins preparing for a new business. Under the guise of a fragile beauty, is hiding the world's most dangerous assassin, who has not yet misfired.

Director: Luc Besson
Writer: Luc Besson (screenplay)
Production: EuropaCorp, TF1 Films Productions
Year: 2019
MetaScore: 40/100
ImdbRating: 6.6
BoxOffice: $7,743,794
Released: 21 Jun 2019
Awards: 1 nomination.

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Anna - Sasha Luss
Alex Tchenkov - Luke Evans
Lenny Miller - Cillian Murphy
Maude - Lera Abova
Vassiliev - Eric Godon
Mossan - Ivan Franek
John - Adrian Can
Dorothée - Alison Wheeler
Renata - Greta Varlese
Anna's Father - Mikhail Safronov
Anna's Mother - Maria Luss
Moscow Cabbie (as Sergey Bachursky) - Sergey Bachurskiy
KGB Superior Officer - Ernest Gromov
KGB Sentry - Sergey Zharkov
Moli (as Eduard Flyorov) - Eduard Fliorov
Vassiliev's Secretary - Julia Munrow
Olga's Technicien - Jess Liaudin
Piotr's Hostage - Christopher Craig
Moscow Playboy - Yuriy Zavalnyouk
CIA Chief - David Coburn
Miller's Chauffeur - James Joint
Miller's Assistant - Tonio Descanvelle
Blake (as Réginal-Roland Kudiwu) - Réginal Kudiwu
Binome Blake - Manuel Sinor
Monceau Waiter - Gérard Graillot
Mario's Stylist - Zac Andianas
Mario's Make-Up Artist - Aya Yabuuchi
Mario's Assistant - Mabô Kouyaté
Nato's Producer - Fany Le Gac
Nato's Model 1 - Pauline Hoarau
Nato's Model 2 - Noam Frost
Nato's Assistant - Jordan Dwayne
Boxing Photographer - Peter Lamarque
Car Crash Woman - Cansu Tosun
Laboratory Scientist (as Niccolo Senni) - Niccolò Senni
Scope CIA Agent - Scott Thurn
Scope CIA Agent 2 - Terrence Amadi
Mansion Photographer - Jean-Marc Montalto
KGB Surveillance 1 - Alexandre Majetniak
KGB Surveillance 2 - Toni Hristov
KGB Surveillance 3 - Leonid Glushchenko
DJ Party - Anthony Weber
One Agency Receptionist - Elise Lissague
One Agency Assistant - Wendy Grenier
Restaurant Manager - Viatcheslav Ardachev
Restaurant Guest - Paul Lefevre
Restaurant Target - Alain Figlarz
Alex's Sidekick - Igor Savochkin
Anna 8 Years Old - Kamila Hovorková
Anna Blonde - Nastya Sten
Nato's Model 8 - Ana Andersaale
CIA Agent - Colin Bates
CIA Agent - Victoria Cyr
Fashion Week Guest - Sophia Dunn-Walker
Cascadeur - François Girard
CIA agent - Dmitriy Grinevich
Russian Guard - Maxence Huet
CIA Agent - Genevieve O'Neal
KGB Agent - William Sciortino
CIA Agent - Jason Stoneking
The Stylist - Christophe Tek
Man in Car / Man in Shower - Rupert Wynne-James