"Another 48 Hrs" quotes

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Jack Cates once again enlists the aid of ex-con Reggie Hammond - this time to take down The Iceman, a ruthless drug lord operating in the San Francisco bay area.

Director: Walter Hill
Writer: Roger Spottiswoode (characters), Walter Hill (characters), Larry Gross (characters), Steven E. de Souza (characters), Eddie Murphy (story), John Fasano (screenplay), Jeb Stuart (screenplay), Larry Gross (screenplay)
Production: Paramount Home Video
Year: 1990
MetaScore: 23/100
ImdbRating: 5.9
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 08 Jun 1990
Awards: N/A

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Reggie Hammond - Eddie Murphy
Jack Cates - Nick Nolte
Ben Kehoe - Brion James
Blake Wilson - Kevin Tighe
Frank Cruise - Ed O'Ross
Willie Hickok - David Anthony Marshall
Richard 'Cherry' Ganz - Andrew Divoff
Kirkland Smith - Bernie Casey
Tyrone Burroughs - Brent Jennings
Malcolm Price - Ted Markland
Detective Joe Stevens - Edward Walsh
Angel Lee - Page Leong
Girl Bartender - Cathy Haase
Barroom Tough - Dennis Hayden
Diner Waitress (as Kelly Goodman) - Kelly L. Goodman
Desert Bartender - Hoke Howell
CHP Officer - Yana Nirvana
CHP Officer - Ken Medlock
Mechanic - John Del Regno
Pit Man - Joel Weiss
Lawyer - Oz Tortora
Review Board Chairman - John Bluto
Prison Guard Ronard - Jason Ronard
Prison Guard Morgan - Stafford Morgan
Prison Guard Dunnam - Bill Dunnam
Prison Clerk - Thornton Simmons
Bus Driver - Allan Graf
Female Doctor - Nancy Everhard
Doctor - Mark Phelan
County Sheriff - Biff Yeager
County Sheriff - John H. Evans
Traffic Cop - Rick Cicetti
Pickpocket - Laurie Morrison
Pickpocket victim - Steve Monroe
Barroom Fighter (as Dave Efron) - David Efron
Barroom Fighter - Rex Pierson
Bar Band (as Michael Williams) - Michael Anthony Williams
Bar Band - Rodney Shelton
Bar Band - Jake Hunter
Bar Band - Ray Fuller
Bar Band - Del Atkins
Bar Band - David McLaurin
Second Bartender - Judy Lea
Restroom Girl (as Dawn Tshombe) - Dawn Robinson
Restroom Girl - Nanci Rogers
Restroom Girl - Deborah Atkinson
King Mei Clerk - Karen Huie
King Mei Clerk - Benjamin Lum
Hotel Guest - George Cheung
Arguing Man - Dana Lee
Arguing Man - Richard Lee-Sung
Girl in Movie - Kitten Natividad
Morgue Attendant - Jerome Holmes
District Attorney (as Victor E. Brandt) - Victor Brandt
Judge - Edgar Small
Doorman - Russ McCubbin
Female Elevator Operator - Linda Cox
Birdcage Waitress - Deirdre Fitzpatrick
Birdcage Waitress - Lauren Grey
Birdcage Waitress (as Nicole Cummins) - Nicole Rubio
Birdcage Showgirl - Alisa Christensen
Detective - Joe Casino
Haden - Frank McRae
Waitress - Shauna O'Brien
Restroom Girl -