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In Detroit, Janet Slate is happy since she has just rented the apartment 1303 of the Lake View Residence and will leave her alcoholic mother Maddie Slate. She calls her sister Lara to tell the news and she meets the girl Emily, who is her next door neighbor. Emily tells her that a girl, Jennifer, has killed her mother many years ago and jumped off the balcony, committing suicide. She also tells her to leave the apartment. Janet hears strange noises in the apartment and she calls her boyfriend Mark Taylor to spend the night with her. When Mark leaves the apartment, Jennifer throws Janet off balcony. The detective in charge of the investigation tells Lara that there are several cases of women committing suicide in that apartment, but he believes that someone has filled them. Lara decides to move to Janet's apartment despite what has happened there.

Director: Michael Taverna
Writer: Kei Ôishi (based on the original story by), Michael Taverna
Production: N/A
Genre: horror
Year: 2012
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 2.5
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 25 Jul 2013
Awards: N/A

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Lara Slate - Mischa Barton
Janet Slate - Julianne Michelle
Maddie Slate - Rebecca De Mornay
Mark Taylor - Corey Sevier
O'Neil - Gordon Masten
Joyce - Grace Savage
Detective - John Diehl
Jennifer Logan - Kathleen Mackey
Lidia Abrams - Jessica Malka
Young Dealer - Antoine Yared
Creative Director - Francesco Giannini
Police Operator - Colin Nesmith