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"The Starving Games" quotes

The Starving Games poster
In this Hunger Games spoof, Kantmiss Evershot must fight for her life in the 75th annual Starving Games, where she could also win an old ham, a coupon for a foot-long sub, and a partially eaten pickle.

Genre: comedy, sci-fi
Year: 2013
MetaScore: N/A/100


Kantmiss - Maiara Walsh
President Snowballs - Diedrich Bader
Effoff - Lauren Bowles
Seleca - Dean J. West
Bob Hylox - Michael Hartson
Cleaver Williams - Theodus Crane
Stanley Ceaserman - Chris Marroy
Cinnamon - Juhahn Jones
Glammer - Taylor Murphy
Na'vi Guy - Nick Gomez
Gandalf - Rob Steinberg
Backpack Girl - Brittney Karbowski
Harry Potter - Matthew Graham Wagner
Sylvester Stallone Look-a-like - Jade Roberts
Arnold Schwarzenegger Look-a-like - Joseph Aviel
Bruce Willis Look-a-like - Eric Buarque
Chuck Norris Look-a-like - Gene Williams
Jason Statham Look-a-like - Jason Stanly
Hawkeye - Jordan Salloum
Skyblu Look-a-like - Ian Casselberry
RedFoo Look-a-like - Shawn Carter Peterson
Skinny Guy - Daniel Walker
Cannonball Guy - Aaron Matthews
Taylor Swift Look-a-like - Gabby Gremillion
Referee - Timmons Moore
Leg Break Girl - Tenea Intriago
Annoying Orange - Bryan McClure
Streaker - Andy Bowles
Blonde Guy - Hunter Baxley
Teen with Braces - Carlos Lopez
'Equipment' Teen - Josh Mueller
Zitty Girl - Alice Ford
Guard #2 - Sean Paul Braud
Guard #3 - Josh Diogo
Additional Voices - Andreana Weiner
Additional Voices - Liza Seneca
Additional Voices - Cathy Cavadini
Additional Voices - Ruth Zalduondo
Additional Voices - Barbara Harris
Additional Voices - Cynthia Kaye McWilliams
Additional Voices - John DeMita
Additional Voices - Will Collyer
Additional Voices - Aaron Fors
Additional Voices - Jason Pace
Additional Voices - David Lodge
Chokehold Guy - Beau Brasseaux
Young President Snowballs - Walker Anderson
Capitol Citizen - Chris Angerdina
Camera Man - Danny Cosmo
Dos Equis Girl - Alexandria DeBerry
Ron Weasley - Kyle deKay
Capitol Guard - Darren Drude
District 12 Citizen - Brandon Guttuso
District 12 Resident - Emily D. Haley
Capitol Citizen - Gene Kevin Hames Jr.
Capitol Citizen - Jamie Johansson
District 12 Resident - Evan King
District 12 Resident - Rhonda Laizer
Dos Equis Girl - Ashton Leigh
District 12 Resident - Alec Mizerik
District 12 Citizen - Clint Michael Naquin
District 12 Resident - McKenna Pippen
District 12 Citizen - Madison Probus
District 12 Resident - Erin Rementer
District 12 Resident - Kristin McKenzie Rice
District 12 Resident - Katherine Jeanie Russell
District 12 citizen - Emily Jessie Thomas
Section 10 Citizen - John Wettermark
Capitol Citizen - Wayne Xia
Capitol Citizen - Jesse Yarborough