What do you think

Hey, you know, as soon as I saw you, I knew I wanted to eat candy bricks out of your neck...

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[while eating Pez on a silver platter]
Hey, you know, as soon as I saw you, I knew I wanted to eat candy bricks out of your neck hole.
Naomi Quinn:
You're not the first.
What do you think? Do you like it?
Naomi Quinn:
Well, on my last date, the guy told me that I could only eat salad and then he said he was gay. This is better.
Naomi Quinn:
I mean, I'm heterosexual, so...
Oh, already winning.
[they both laugh]


00:00:00.689 --> 00:00:04.125
I think in order to do this...
00:00:04.293 --> 00:00:07.023
...I may have to be a little more sober.
00:00:12.000 --> 00:00:13.467
What do you think?
00:00:13.635 --> 00:00:16.569
To, you know, preserve my anonymity.
00:00:17.538 --> 00:00:19.087
You're right, it would be a shame to jeopardize...
00:00:20.041 --> 00:00:22.635
...such a distinguished public profile.
00:00:30.718 --> 00:00:33.584
I stole from my friends, my family.
00:00:34.154 --> 00:00:36.918
I sold my son's tricycle so I could score some junk.
00:00:37.591 --> 00:00:39.491
- Jesus. - I was so drunk once...
00:00:39.659 --> 00:00:42.526
...I backed my car over my mother outside Walgreens.
00:00:42.696 --> 00:00:43.754
Thirty-seven days sober.
00:00:45.131 --> 00:00:47.827
But sometimes, it's just so hard.
00:00:48.767 --> 00:00:49.559
Like I'm in this grave...
00:00:49.736 --> 00:00:53.603
Whoa, this is depressing. It's like unhappy hour.
00:00:53.772 --> 00:00:55.467
- Shh. - It is. I don't like it in here.

Clip duration: 56 seconds
Views: 90
Timestamp in movie: 01h 03m 24s
Uploaded: 23 October, 2021
Genres: comedy, romance
Summary: A drunken playboy stands to lose a wealthy inheritance when he falls for a woman his family doesn't like.


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