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You fought like a prince
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You fought like a prince! When I was fighting with it, it was really light, like it's...

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[Arthur successfully pulls the sword out of the stone and defeat two of Mathazars soldiers into submission] Betameche: You fought like a prince! Arthur: [admiring and examining the sword] When I was fighting with it, it was really light, like it's magic... Betameche: [excitedly] Yes, it is a magical sword. It has been stuck in that stone for hundreds of years. And *You're* the one who released it. Arthur, you're a hero now! [shouts] Betameche: Hey! Hey, everybody! We have a hero! Arthur the Hero! Minimoy: [peaking out of a hiding place] Arthur the what? Betameche: [cont. shouting] Arthur the Hero! Arthur the Hero! Long Live, Arthur the Hero! King: [cheering along] Long Live, Arthur! [the whole kingdom soon surrounds Arthur, chanting joyously]


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.399
You fought like a prince
00:00:02.502 --> 00:00:03.093
00:00:03.202 --> 00:00:05.329
This sword seems so light it all seems so easy
00:00:05.438 --> 00:00:06.427
Of course It's a magic sword
00:00:06.539 --> 00:00:07.733
It's been embedded in that rock for years
00:00:07.084 --> 00:00:09.467
and you're the one who released it
00:00:09.575 --> 00:00:12.169
Really Oh yes my friend You're a hero now
00:00:12.445 --> 00:00:14.208
Arthur the hero
00:00:14.058 --> 00:00:16.172
Arthur the hero
00:00:16.749 --> 00:00:18.944
Arthur the hero
00:00:19.385 --> 00:00:21.285
Long live Arthur the hero
00:00:21.387 --> 00:00:24.515
Long live Arthur the hero

Clip duration: 28 seconds
Views: 139
Timestamp in movie: 00h 42m 05s
Uploaded: 16 November, 2022
Genres: animation, adventure, comedy
Summary: Ten-year-old Arthur, in a bid to save his grandfather's house from being demolished, goes looking for some much-fabled hidden treasure in the land of the Minimoys, tiny people living in harmony with nature.


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