Attack of the Puppet People quotes

Attack of the Puppet People poster
Lonely, deranged puppet-master designs a machine that shrinks people.

Director: Bert I. Gordon
Writer: George Worthing Yates, Bert I. Gordon
Production: N/A
Genre: sci-fi, horror
Year: 1958
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 5.1
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 01 Apr 1958
Awards: 1 nomination

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Bob Westley - John Agar
Mr. Franz - John Hoyt
Sally Reynolds - June Kenney
Agnes - Susan Gordon
Sgt. Paterson - Jack Kosslyn
Stan - Ken Miller
Georgia Lane - Laurie Mitchell
Brownie Leader - June Jocelyn
Janet Hall - Jean Moorhead
Janitor - Hank Patterson
Special Delivery Man - Hal Bogart
Elevator Operator - Troy Patterson
Delivery Man - Bill Giorgio
Police Receptionist - George Diestel
Ernie Larson - Jamie Forster
Salesman - Mark Lowell
Filmclips from 'The Amazing Colossal Man' - Glenn Langan