Hello Yvette This ain't no motherfucking Yvette
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Hello? Hello? Yvette? Naw, nigga, this ain't no motherfuckin' Yvette! Put Yvette on the...

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Hello? Hello? Yvette?
Naw, nigga, this ain't no motherfuckin' Yvette!
Put Yvette on the phone, nigga!
What? This my phone, nigga! Don't call my house no more!
How the *fuck* is that yo' house, nigga? You don't even live there. Is this Jody? The Jody that got my boo pregnant and can't take care of his responsibilities as a muthafuckin' man? Livin' at yo' mamma house? Walking around the streets like a little ass boy? Nigga, you's a *bitch*!
What? Yo' ass in jail! You can't say nothin' about me and mine, homeboy. Look, don't call my *fuckin'* house no more! My girl ain't feeling you. It's not happening, cuz! Concentrate on not dropping the soap, you bitch-ass nigga!
*Fuck* you, cuz!
[hangs up]

I want a block on my motherfucking phone tomorrow, Yvette.
All right, Jody, damn!
Stupid ass.
You stupid.
All on the phone spreading my business out there. He on the other end talking 'bout "Yeah, I know you live with yo' mamma." I don't wanna hear that shit!


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:05.045
Hello Yvette This ain't no motherfucking Yvette
00:00:05.254 --> 00:00:06.714
Put her on the phone
00:00:06.922 --> 00:00:10.759
This is my house Don't ask to speak to my woman
00:00:10.926 --> 00:00:13.929
Your house nigga You don 't even live there
00:00:14.096 --> 00:00:17.975
Is this Jody The Jody that got my boo pregnant
00:00:18.183 --> 00:00:21.228
Who won't take his responsibilities as a man
00:00:21.437 --> 00:00:24.094
Living at your mama's house Running around
00:00:25.149 --> 00:00:27.776
like a little boy You's a bitch
00:00:28.001 --> 00:00:31.822
Look at you What you got Your ass in jail
00:00:32.999 --> 00:00:34.658
Don't tell me how to handle mine

Clip duration: 36 seconds
Views: 29
Timestamp in movie: 00:49:44
Uploaded: 01 April, 2022
Genres: crime, drama, romance
Summary: In South Central L.A., a misguided 20-year-old African-American man, a "baby boy", faces the commitments of real life.


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