I was drinking capuccinos
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One day Hamilton gathered his courage and approached me... I remember, I was drinking a...

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Meg Swan:
[Meg and Hamilton are talking about how they met at Starbucks]
One day Hamilton gathered his courage and approached me...
Hamilton Swan:
I remember, I was drinking a grande espresso.
Meg Swan:
I know, and I remember I thought that was really sexy. I was drinking capuccinos... then I switched over to lattes... now it's double espresso macchiato...
Hamilton Swan:
These days I'm a big chai tea/soymilk kind of guy.
Meg Swan:
Because of the lactose. You're lactose-intolerant now.

[LAUGHlNG] -l know. lt sounds so stupid now. -He's so good. l remember l was drinking a grande espresso when l met you. That's right, and l thought that was really sexy. -l was drinking cappuccinos. -l remember. Then l went to lattes, and then now, double espressos macchiato. And l'm now a big old, you know, Chai-tea-latte, soy milk kind of guy. -Soy. Yeah. -Because of the lactose. -Mm-hm. You're lactose intolerant now. -Mm-hm. And l walked across the street, and there you were and.... Working on my Mac. -And l had my Mac. -Your Mac. And there, and then, l look over and she's reading J. Crew. That's so weird, as l was such a huge J. Crew person then too. Still am. Mm-hm. We sometimes like to just go to Starbucks on weekends and... ...take an L.L. Bean catalog. l'll say, "Honey, what's new?" She has five minutes to look and find what's new. They've been around forever. We are so lucky. We were so lucky to have been raised amongst catalogs. Oh, it's so much easier. You don't have to deal with people as much. You can just talk to the person on the phone. -Or not. -Yeah. HARLAN: l like to take Hubert for a walk in the woods before...

Clip duration: 73 seconds
Views: 167
Timestamp in movie: 00h 00m 00s
Uploaded: 13 December, 2020
Genres: comedy
Summary: A behind-the-scenes look into the highly competitive and cut-throat world of dog shows through the eyes of a group of ruthless dog owners.


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Meg Swan - Parker Posey
Hamilton Swan - Michael Hitchcock