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October, 1988. Adam Carlson, a reporter for a local Anchorage television station, is currently in Barrow doing a series of pieces on the "local cultural color" of northern Alaska. While out on the sea ice filming a less than promising piece, he spots off in the distance what ends up being three California gray whales - a mother, father and son - who are literally imprisoned by ice which has surrounded them in the earlier than usual onset of winter. They are looking worse for wear as they have been ramming the ice surface to maintain a hole in the ice to be able to breathe and thus survive. The professional and cultural assessment he receives is that the whales, in their current situation, cannot survive for more than a few days, with the ice fives miles in distance to the open ocean with a vertical ice shelf that has developed midway. Adam's piece on the whales not only gets played on his station, but is picked up by news services throughout the States, including the national ...

Director: Ken Kwapis
Writer: Jack Amiel (screenplay), Michael Begler (screenplay), Tom Rose (book)
Production: Anonymous Content, Working Title Films
Year: 2012
MetaScore: 61/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: $20,157,300
Released: 03 Feb 2012
Awards: 1 nomination.

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Adam Carlson - John Krasinski
Don Davis - Andrew Daly
Arnold - Jeffrey Evan
Rachel Kramer - Drew Barrymore
J.W. McGraw - Ted Danson
Oil Man - Randy Eledge
Don Carr - Thom Van Dorp
Pat Lafayette - Tim Blake Nelson
Governor Haskell - Stephen Root
News Producer #1 - Maury Ginsberg
News Producer #2 - Kelly Lee Williams
News Producer #3 - Megan Baldino
Jill Jerard - Kristen Bell
Ruth McGraw - Kathy Baker
Kelly Meyers - Vinessa Shaw
Shayna Dobler - Maeve Blake
Diane Dobler - Krista Schwarting
Cooper Dobler - Liam Boles
Darcy - Opal Sidon
Porter Beckford - Michael Gaston
Stu - Ken Smith
Lloyd Dobler - Tim Palmer
News Producer #4 - Wayne Mitchell
Wes Handrick - John Michael Higgins
Colonel Scott Boyer - Dermot Mulroney
General Stanton - Gregory Jbara
Hotel Clerk #1 - Princess Lucaj
Prudhoe Bay Reporter #1 - Jessica Tiihonen
Chief of Staff - Bruce Altman
National Guard Co-Pilot - Anthony Fryer
Alaskan Northern Oil Worker - Brady Ingledue
Karl Hootkin - James Le Gros
Dean Glowacki - Rob Riggle
Minneapolis Reporter - Hillarie Putnam
Hotel Clerk #2 - Mary Rock
Barrow Street Reporter - Brett Baker
SAR Pilot Conrad - Shea Whigham
Teacher - Kathryn Harris
Prudhoe Bay Reporter #2 - Christine Kim
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - R.F. Daley
Icebreaker Reporter - Jackie Purcell
Dimitri - Mark Ivanir
President Reagan - Quinn K. Redeker
Foreign Reporter #1 - Elizabeth A. Bardsley
Foreign Reporter #2 - Anju Bhargava
Foreign Reporter #3 - Robertus A. Schaaper
Russian #1 - Michael Miller
Russian #2 - Andrey Nikolaev
Sarah Palin - Sarah Palin
Malik's Wife - Teresa Pingayak
Prudhoe Bay Reporter #3 - Robert Forgit
Reporter - Kevin T. Bennett
Ronald Reagan - Jeff Bergman
Background Reporter - Stacy Boles
Self - Tom Brokaw
Ice Hole Activist - Rose Davidson
News Anchor - Carla Delaney
News Reporter - Anastasia Foster
On-Camera Journalist - Karl Glick
Greenpeace Volunteer - Shanette Harper
Scientist - Gloria King
News Anchor - Paul Kirby
Russian #3 - Evgueni Petrov
Self - Dan Rather
Minneapolis News Crew - Leif Sawyer
Various - Karen Strassman
Inupiaq Male on Ice - David Thomas