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Hawthorne College is quieting down for the holidays. One by one, sorority girls on campus are being killed by an unknown stalker. But the killer is about to discover that this generation's young women aren't willing to become hapless victims as they mount a fight to the finish.

Director: Sophia Takal
Writer: Sophia Takal, April Wolfe
Production: N/A
Year: 2019
MetaScore: 49/100
ImdbRating: 3.2
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 13 Dec 2019
Awards: N/A

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Riley - Imogen Poots
Professor Gelson - Cary Elwes
Nate - Simon Mead
Phil McIllaney - Ben Black
Brian Huntley - Ryan McIntyre
Lindsay - Lucy Currey
Black Mask - Jonny McBride