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Ladies and Gentlemen

Cliff Wolcott:
Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Cliff "Elvis" Wolcott, I'll be your pilot this afternoon. Federal regulations designate this a "non-smoking" Black Hawk helicopter. For those of you who have the "Mogadishu Frequent Flyer" program, you'll be earning a hundred free credits this afternoon, and as always, the air sickness bags are located in the seat-back, in front of you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm Cliff "Elvis" Wolcott.
I'll be your pilot today.
Federal regulations designate this
a non-smoking Black Hawk helicopter.
Those in Mogadishu frequent flyer
program will earn 100 free credits.
And as always, the air sickness bags
are located in the seatback in front of you.
Number one indications are good, Cliff.
Put her on two.
You're still clear.
61, this is 64. Go to UHF secure.
I've got some bad news.
"Limo" is a word, Durant.
I don't want to hear about it.
It is not a word.
It's an abbreviation of a word.
"Limo" is a word in common usage.
That is the key phrase in Scrabble,
my good friend. Common usage.
If it's not in the
dictionary it doesn't count!
It doesn't have to be in the dictionary!
It does have to be in the dictionary!
When we get back to the base,
it's coming off.
You touch my "limo" and
I'll spank you, Nightstalker.
Yeah, promises.
That's a nice beach down there.

Clip duration: 77 seconds
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Movie: Black Hawk Down
Year: 2001
Genres: drama, history, war
Summary: 160 elite U.S. soldiers drop into Somalia to capture two top lieutenants of a renegade warlord and find themselves in a desperate battle with a large force of heavily-armed Somalis.

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