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Who are you

[as T'Challa signals his guards to take Killmonger away from the throne room, the River Tribe Elder gets up]

River Tribe Elder:
[in Xhosa]
Who are you?
Erik Killmonger:
[in Xhosa]
I am N'Jadaka, son of Prince N'Jobu!
Mining Tribe Elder:
[in Xhosa]
Son of N'Jobu?
Erik Killmonger:
I found my daddy with Panther claws in his chest! You ain't the son of a king. You're the son of a murderer!
[in Xhosa]
You're lying!
[in English]

I'm afraid not, Queen Mother.
[W'Kabi pulls out a necklace with N'Jobu's ring, to the surprise of the Elders]

River Tribe Elder:
Mining Tribe Elder:
[in Xhosa]
You, the descendant of N'Jobu?
Erik Killmonger:
Hey, Auntie.
[W'Kabi gives the ring to Ramonda]

Erik Killmonger:
I'm exercising my blood right to challenge for the mantles of the King. And Black Panther.
Do not do this, T'Challa.
Border Tribe Elder:
As the son of Prince N'Jobu, he is within his rights.
He has no rights here!
River Tribe Elder:
The challenge will take weeks to prepare!
Erik Killmonger:
Weeks? I don't need weeks. The whole country ain't gotta be here. I just need him. And somebody to get me outta these chains.
[T'Challa sits on his throne, looking at N'Jobu's ring]

T'Challa, what do you know of this?
I accept your challenge.

Who are you?
Prince N'Jobu, son of Azzuri.
Prove to me you are one of us.
My King.
Leave us.
This is James. I trust him
with my life. He stays...
with your permission,
King T'Chaka.
As you wish.
At ease.
Come, baby brother.
Let me see
how you are holding up.
You look strong.
Glory to Bast,
I am in good health.
How is home?
Not so good.
Baby brother.
There has been an attack.
This man...
Ulysses Klaue...
stole a quarter ton of
vibranium from us...
and triggered a bomb
at the border to escape.
Many lives were lost.
He knew where we hid
the vibranium...
and how to strike.
He had someone on the inside.
Why are you here?
Because I want you
to look me in the eyes...
and tell me
why you betrayed Wakanda.
I did no such thing.
Tell him who you are.
Zuri, son of Badu...
James. James, you lied to me?
Leave him.
You were Wakandan
this whole time?
You betrayed Wakanda!
How could you lie
to me like...
Stand down.
Did you think that you were
the only spy we sent here?

Clip duration: 130 seconds
Views: 60
Movie: Black Panther
Year: 2018
Genres: action, adventure, sci-fi
Summary: T'Challa, heir to the hidden but advanced kingdom of Wakanda, must step forward to lead his people into a new future and must confront a challenger from his country's past.


River Tribe Elder - Isaach De Bankolé
Erik Killmonger - Michael B. Jordan
Mining Tribe Elder - Connie Chiume
Ramonda - Angela Bassett
Border Tribe Elder - Danny Sapani