Does this scare you, huh? Fuck you know about being scared? Were you afraid someone was...

Does this scare you huh
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[Pointing his gun at Officer Molina]
Does this scare you, huh? Fuck you know about being scared? Were you afraid someone was gonna come find you? Huh?
What, Nigga? I'm just... I'm just talking to him! Ha! You said make it pretty, right? It's the bounce of it. They like the bounce of it. Like a tree on a sign, nigga, we cut right down. Paul Bunyan-ass cops come to chop me at the knees and search the trunk in my own town. Did you count his rings when you bled him? Huh? When you dead him? Do you understand? How old was he? Nigga, how old was he?
Officer Molina:
He was 26.
26? That's how many years you decided didn't mean shit. All this talking don't mean shit. I mean, shit! I been in my element, eloquent, spitting hella developin'. I been tellin', shellin' and not to walk like a felon and fucking flippin' the middle finger to feelin' irrelevant. Reveling in my freedom till you turned heaven to hell and hello, sir? I'ma need you to open your fucking eyes now and look and see. You might think you know what's happening, but you don't feel it like we do! To feel it, it has to be you! Cut you, but you don't know what the cut do! You are reflex, but when reflux bleeds the gut, then you see the faces! Leave the vases. Moving people in and out for a fee. Feeding this town decay and appetite of me. An appetizer, huh? I must be tasty, but I stay angry, 'cause y'all get hazy! I'm the one out here stuck on a clock, loving the curfew to keep me off the block! Fuck, what time is it? What time? What Time? Nope, fuck it, I did my time. How come every time you come around you monsters got me feeling like a monster in my own town? I say it while I'm rapping, nigga, 'cause everyone conditioned to listen to a rapping nigga. But I'm rapping to the active nigga, you the one cappin' niggas! So quit the flash and feel like your passion, nigga! Hittin' us till our headstones stuck in the mud! We stuck it out, it turned us into some thugs! Got a whole city brand-new and they kickin' out us! Maybe we should both break shit, make a fuss! I am both pictures! See both pictures! Don't be blindspotting me, nigga! See both pictures! Guess I'm just a little bigger than a picture playin' chicken with a cliff, but I ain't never been a flincher. Block is getting hotter, I'ma be the one to bring the winter fuckin' everybody on the body of a cop, the splinter. I mean, why wouldn't I dead him? He's splittin' wigs for 80k a year and ain't from here, who'll miss him if he disappear? Fillin' up with fear, I know you feel it. I've been feeling it for years, in fact, I don't remember ever never feeling it! The one that going dummy never felt the need to run, but I've been sprintin' till I limp across the finish with a gun! Up in my blind spot, really! Ain't to hard to figure that you probably never really felt the pressure of a nigga, but you know what? I ain't never felt the pressures of a trigger! The difference between me and you is... I ain't no killer. I ain't no killer.
Officer Molina:
I didn't mean to.
Are you sure?


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Does this scare you huh
00:00:05.012 --> 00:00:07.487
Fuck you know about being scared
00:00:09.056 --> 00:00:11.881
Were you afraid someone was gonna come find you
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Bruh What Nigga I'm just
00:00:17.006 --> 00:00:19.017
I'm just talking to him
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00:00:24.068 --> 00:00:26.364
You said make it pretty right
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It's the bounce of it They like the bounce of it

Clip duration: 31 seconds
Views: 67
Timestamp in movie: 01h 24m 26s
Uploaded: 20 February, 2022
Genres: comedy, crime, drama
Summary: While on probation, a man begins to re-evaluate his relationship with his volatile best friend.


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Collin - Daveed Diggs
Miles - Rafael Casal
Officer Molina - Ethan Embry