Thin line between dream and reality in cinema – 5 best movies

As movies are made to thrill our imagination, it is no surprise that dreams are a common theme frequently appearing on the big screen. 

Yes, there are more movies about dreams than we can think of. So let’s introduce the five most striking of them. Striking they are, as these movies will push your imagination to the limit, with unpredictable and amazing stories.

Sucker Punch (2011)

Institutionalized against her will, Babydoll (Emily Browning) did not lose the will to live. Determined to fight to regain her freedom, she pushes four other young girls: Rocket (Jena Malone) – the big mouth, Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) – the resourceful, Amber (Jamie Chung) – the faithful of the faithful, and Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) – always hesitant – to unite in order to try to escape their terrifying fate, being at the mercy of their captors, Blue (Oscar Isaac), Madam Gorski (Carla Gugino) and the Doctor High Roller (Jon Hamm).

Trained by Babydoll, the girls engage in an incredible battle against a fantasy world, inhabited by samurais and snakes, with a virtual arsenal at their disposal. Together, they must decide what they are willing to sacrifice to stay alive. Meanwhile their incredible journey – if successful – will lead them to liberation.

This movie, directed by Zack Snyder, is balancing between dream and reality and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Vanilla Sky (2001)

David Aames played by Tom Cruise is a young and brilliant New York publisher who has everything: money, professional success, and women. His friend Pelayo makes the mistake of introducing to him his new partner Sofia, played by Penélope Cruz. At first glance, David succumbs to her charm. Both of them soon live the perfect romance.

While David is arguing in the car with Julie (Cameron Diaz) his ex-girlfriend mad of jealousy. the young woman accelerates the car, killing herself and severely injuring David in the crash. Atrociously disfigured, David is rushed to the hospital where the doctors appear not able to fix his disfigured face. His life changes forever. People are now afraid of him because of his appearance and Sofia avoids him. But one morning, David is gently awakened by her, who declares his love to him. Doctors even tell him he can regain his old face. Reality or fantasy?

This underrated Tom Cruise movie is an extraordinary motion picture that will let the viewer bedazzled.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

In 1944, the Spanish war is over already for 5 years and the country is now under the control of Franco. The rebels are hiding in the mountains. The young Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) follows her mother, remarried to the tyrannical and bloodthirsty Vidal (Sergi López), captain of the Francoist army.

Guided by a strange insect, which she takes for a fairy, the young girl discovers disturbing creatures in the heart of a labyrinth near her new house. Pan reveals to her that she would be the princess of an underground world lost on Earth. But to be sure, and for her to find her real father and real mother, Ofelia will have to pass three dangerous tests that nothing has prepared her to face.

This is a beautiful movie where dreams and reality entangle incredibly.

Minority Report (2002)

Based on a short story ‘The Minority Report’ of the legendary Philip K. Dick, this is a classic Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi movie, where dreams take an unexpected turn.

In Washington, in 2054, the society of the future had eradicated murder by adopting the most sophisticated crime prevention system in the world.

Hidden in the heart of the Ministry of Justice, Precogs – three extra-lucid mutants can detect the precursors of any homicidal violence and send the images to their controller, John Anderton (Tom Cruise), the head of Pre-crime who became a vigilante after the tragic disappearance of his son.

After receiving a report from the Precogs, John then only has to launch his squad on the heels of the future culprit. But one day the unthinkable occurs: the system sends back his own image. Within 36 hours, Anderton would have murdered a complete stranger. 

Having become the target of his own troops, Anderton flies. His only hope for thwarting the plot is finding his future victim. His only weapon is the fragmentary, enigmatic visions of the most fragile of the Pre-Cogs: Agatha (Samantha Morton).

As always, this is an excellent Tom Cruise sci-fi motion picture with advanced special effects and an original and riveting story.

Inception (2010)

Inception is, to put it simply, the most outstanding movie about dreams ever made, pushing the concept of lucid dreaming to its extreme. It is also, in itself, one of the top ten best sci-fi movies ever made.

Dom Cobb played by Leonardo DiCaprio is an experienced thief – the best in the perilous art of extraction. Cobb’s specialty is to appropriate the most precious secrets of individuals, buried deep in their subconsciousness, while they dream and when their minds are particularly vulnerable.

Much sought after for his talents in the troubled world of industrial espionage, Cobb has also become a fugitive hunted down all over the world who had lost everything dear to him. But a final mission could allow him to return to his former life, provided that he can accomplish the impossible: the inception.

Instead of stealing a dream, Cobb and his team must do the opposite – implant an idea in the mind of an individual. If they succeed, it would be the perfect crime. 

And yet, though methodical and gifted as they are, nothing could have prepared Cobb and his partners for a formidable enemy who seems to be systematically one step ahead of them. An enemy that only Cobb could have suspected existed.

This blockbuster is depicting the significance of dreams (how about if you dream that you are dreaming?) and is without a doubt one of the best movies in recent history, with stunning special effects and a fascinating script.

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