Blood and Bone quotes

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In Los Angeles, an ex-con takes the underground fighting world by storm in his quest to fulfill a promise to a dead friend.

Director: Ben Ramsey
Writer: Michael Andrews
Production: Michael Mailer Films
Genre: action, crime, drama
Year: 2009
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.7
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 20 Sep 2009
Awards: N/A

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Isaiah Bone - Michael Jai White
Franklin McVeigh - Julian Sands
Pinball - Dante Basco
Tamara - Nona Gaye
Hammerman - Bob Sapp
Tattoo - Francis Capra
Teddy D - Ron Yuan
JC (as Kimbo Slice) - Kevin 'Kimbo Slice' Ferguson
Veretta - Gina Carano
Fasthands - Maurice Smith
Mommie Dearest (as Ernest 'The Cat' Miller) - Ernest Miller
Curtis (as Andre L. Walker) - Andre Edwards
Ratchet - Erik Betts
Razor (as Justice Smith) - Justice J. Smith
Monique - Jontille Gerard
Clay (as Quentin Medina) - Quinton Medina
Chanel (as Shannon Kaye) - Shannon Kane
Jared (as Brody Lee) - Brody Nicholas Lee
Jared (as Cody Lee) - Cody Benjamin Lee
Motorcycle Driver #1 - John Flores
Motorcycle Driver #2 (as Jermain Holt) - Jermaine Holt
Cowboy (as Stuart Wilson) - Stuart F. Wilson
Jeffrey - Melvin Anthony
Deke - Saladin
Big Lamont - Imani Lee
Shelly - Michelle Lee
Marcie - Kumiko Nagano
Gold Tooth - Tanoai Reed
Manuel - Sam Hargrave
Carlos (as David Cordeiro) - David Chan Cordeiro
Jesus - Sala Baker
Lorenzo - Holland Diaz
Thug - Tony Donno
Thug - Tim Storms
Thug (as Kevin Lewis) - Kevin Lee Lewis
Thug - Lin Oeding
Price - Matt Mullins
Rehab Supervisor - Natasha Ward
Fencer #1 - Luke LaFontaine
Fencer #2 - Jason Heck
Viktor (as Troy Benna) - Troy Brenna
Thug #1 - C.C. Taylor
Thug #2 (as Wayne King Jr.) - Wayne King
Attendant - Gene LeBell
Referee - Peter Storm
O'Hara (as Bob Wall) - Robert Wall
Girl on Balcony (as Sachandra Grandoit) - Sasi Grandoit
Capoeira Fighter - Phillipos Haile
Carlos - Daniel Arrias
Fight Spectator - Jae Baxley
Ashley Von Kraus - Veronica Bennett
Price sparring partner - Arnold Chon
Fight clubber - Chimeka Crawford
Capoeira Fighter - Xingu Del Rosario
Prison Inmate - Alvin Ellie
Hot babe - Wittly Jourdan
Grace Mayfield - Rosemarie Li
Jesus - Joe Ordaz
Thug #2 - R.C. Ormond
Girl On Balcony - Adele René
Pinball's girlfriend - Julia May Wong
Kickboxer #2 - Carlos Zapata