"Bloodhounds of Broadway" quotes

Bloodhounds of Broadway poster
Broadway was never brighter and never roared louder than New Year's Eve, 1928, when anything could happen-and did. A four part short story musical co-starring Madonna, Jennifer Grey, and Matt Dillon.

Director: Howard Brookner
Writer: Howard Brookner, Colman deKay, Damon Runyon
Production: N/A
Year: 1989
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 5.3
BoxOffice: $43,671
Released: 03 Nov 1989
Awards: 1 nomination

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Waldo Winchester - Josef Sommer
Hortense Hathaway - Madonna
Waiter - Tony Azito
Lovey Lou - Jennifer Grey
Crunch Sweeney - Tony Longo
The Brain - Rutger Hauer
Regret - Matt Dillon
Red Henry - Stephen McHattie
Miss Missouri Martin - Anita Morris
Basil Valentine - Ethan Phillips
John Wangle - Alan Ruck
Maud Milligan - Dinah Manoff
Busboy - David Youse
Feet Samuels - Randy Quaid
Harriet MacKyle - Julie Hagerty
Mindy - Louis Zorich
Handsome Jack - Esai Morales
Hotfoot Harry - Fisher Stevens
Johnny Crackow - Richard Edson
Daffy Jack - Howard Brookner
Marvin Clay - John Rothman
Sam the Skate - Mark Nelson
Widow Mary - Madeleine Potter
Woman on Corner - Nicole Burdette
Nosmo - Colman deKay
Inspector McNamara - Gerry Bamman
Charlotte - Jane Brucker
McGinty - Googy Gress
Doc Bodeeker - Robert Donley
Cab Driver - Grant Forsberg
Long George - Sheldon Abend
Whitey - Veryle Rupp
Brother Divine - Helmar Augustus Cooper
Judge Witherspoon - George Ede
Soupy Mike - Michael Wincott
Big Shelley - Herschel Sparber
Minnie the Shrimp - Black-Eyed Susan
Whining Willie - Steve Buscemi
Rodent Ralph - Patrick Garner
Fleming Meeks - Tobin Wheeler
Cynthia Harris - Tamara Tunie
Showgirl - Cathryn de Prume
Bobby Baker - Katherine Monick
Yvette - Sara Driver
Joey the Toothpick - William Murray Weiss
Goodtime Nate Fishkin - Leonard Termo
Doc Frischer - Graham Brown
Hymie Weisberger - Ed Zang
Showgirl - Linda Beausoleil
Showgirl - Cynthia Friberg
Showgirl - Lorien House
Showgirl - Dana Pinchera
Showgirl - Lynette Tompkins
Musician - Johnny Crawford