Five hundred thousand American dollars. For that, I'd do it myself. Auf Wiedersehen. How...

Brass Target1978
Five hundred thousand American dollars
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Shelley Martin Webber:
[Naming his price for the "hit," after taking a look in the dossier and seeing who the intended target is: Gen. George S. Patton]
Five hundred thousand American dollars.
Col. Mike McCauley:
[silent pause]
For that, I'd do it myself.
Shelley Martin Webber:
[shrugs indifferently]
Auf Wiedersehen.
Col. Mike McCauley:
[Webber makes to leave, but McCauley, reconsidering, stops him]
How much?
Shelley Martin Webber:
[Very matter-of-factly]
I never bargain. You wish a man killed. I didn't ask you why. I'm sure you will profit. But *I* must also benefit from my silence. So you pay in advance, 500 thousand in small bills.
Col. Mike McCauley:
Everything you need is here in the briefcase. Background information, habits, staff... everything.
Shelley Martin Webber:
Col. Mike McCauley:
As soon as possible.
Shelley Martin Webber:
December - sometime in December.
Col. Mike McCauley:
It must look like an accident.
Shelley Martin Webber:
It will.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.868
Five hundred thousand American dollars
00:00:08.274 --> 00:00:10.875
For that I'd do it myself
00:00:14.247 --> 00:00:15.088
00:00:21.032 --> 00:00:22.082
How much
00:00:28.527 --> 00:00:30.895
I never bargain
00:00:33.232 --> 00:00:37.768
You wish a man killed I didn't ask you why
00:00:37.837 --> 00:00:40.871
I'm sure you will profit
00:00:40.094 --> 00:00:43.054
SHELLEY But I must also benefit for my silence

Clip duration: 45 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00h 30m 27s
Uploaded: 02 December, 2022
Genres: action, drama, mystery
Summary: In 1945, General Patton sends Germany's confiscated gold reserves to Frankfurt, but the Army train is robbed by plotters who also hire a Swiss hitman to kill the General.


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Shelley Martin Webber - Max von Sydow
Col. Mike McCauley - Patrick McGoohan