"Breeders" quotes

Breeders poster
The Manhattan General Hospital admitted a string of young women raped by something otherworldly. Dr. Pace and Detective Andriotti try and isolate the strange organic material found on the victims to find the fiend.

Director: Tim Kincaid
Writer: Tim Kincaid
Production: N/A
Genre: horror, sci-fi
Year: 1986
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 3.7
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 02 May 1986
Awards: N/A

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Dr. Gamble Pace - Teresa Farley
Det. Dale Andriotti - Lance Lewman
Karinsa - Frances Raines
Kathleen - LeeAnne Baker
Mrs. Moore - Mae Cerar
Brett - Mark Legan
Gentleman - Dan Geffen
Intruder - Pat Rizzolino
Jeoffrey - Derek Dupont
Monster - Owen Flynn
Deformed Creature - Raheim Grier
Bag Lady - Rose Geffen
Security Guard - Doug Devos
Basement Guard - Michael Zezima
Walter - Norris Culf
Donna's Date - Louis Spudeas
Taxi Driver - Kent Perkins
Dr. Ira Markum - Ed French
Amber's Mother - Nancy Arons