Upstairs is too expensive
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Would you mind, very much, if I came to the pictures with you? Well, eh... I could sit...

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Dr. Alec Harvey:
Would you mind, very much, if I came to the pictures with you?
Laura Jesson:
Well, eh...
Dr. Alec Harvey:
I could sit downstairs and you could sit upstairs.
Laura Jesson:
Upstairs is too expensive.


00:00:01.166 --> 00:00:04.333
Would you mind if l came to the pictures with you?
00:00:05.075 --> 00:00:08.708
-Well, l... -l'll sit downstairs and you upstairs.
00:00:09.000 --> 00:00:10.075
Upstairs is too expensive.
00:00:13.416 --> 00:00:15.708
The orchestra stopped as abruptly as it had started...
00:00:15.875 --> 00:00:19.166
and we laughed again. l had no premonitions...
00:00:19.333 --> 00:00:22.916
although l suppose l should've had. lt all seemed so natural and innocent.
00:00:23.916 --> 00:00:27.375
We finished lunch and the idiot of a waitress had put the bill all on one.
00:00:27.541 --> 00:00:29.583
-l really must insist. -l couldn't possibly.
00:00:29.075 --> 00:00:32.375
Having forced my company on you, it's only fair that l pay for it.

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Timestamp in movie: 00h 24m 38s
Uploaded: 28 September, 2021
Genres: drama, romance
Summary: Returning home from a shopping trip to a nearby town, bored suburban housewife Laura Jesson is thrown by happenstance into an acquaintance with virtuous doctor Alec Harvey. Their casual friendship soon develops during their weekly visits into something more emotionally fulfilling than either expected, and they must wrestle with the potential havoc their deepening relationship would have on their lives and the lives of those they love.


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Dr. Alec Harvey - Trevor Howard
Laura Jesson - Celia Johnson