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Waking groggy in pitch darkness, Paul Conroy, an American truck driver working in Iraq in 2006, slowly realizes he is trapped inside a wooden coffin, buried alive. With his cigarette lighter, he can see the trap he is in, and he quickly realizes that there's not enough air for him to live long. He finds within the coffin a working cellphone, which allows him contact with the outside world. But the outside world proves not to be very helpful at finding a man buried in a box in the middle of the Iraqi desert. Paul must rely on his best resource--himself.

Director: Rodrigo Cortés
Writer: Chris Sparling
Production: Versus Entertainment S.L.
Year: 2010
MetaScore: 65/100
ImdbRating: 7.0
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 15 Oct 2010
Awards: 16 wins & 33 nominations.

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Paul Conroy - Ryan Reynolds
Dan Brenner - Robert Paterson
Alan Davenport (voice) - Stephen Tobolowsky
Linda Conroy (voice) - Samantha Mathis
Pamela Lutti (voice) - Ivana Miño
Maryanne Conroy - Warner Loughlin
Special Agent Harris (voice) - Erik Palladino
911 Operator (voice) - Kali Rocha
State Department Rep. (voice) - Chris William Martin
Shane Conroy (voice) - Cade Dundish
411 Female Operator (voice) (as Mary Songbird) - Mary Birdsong
411 Male Operator (voice) - Kirk Baily
CRT Operator (voice) - Anne Lockhart
CRT Spokesman (voice) - Robert Clotworthy
Nursing Home Nurse (voice) - Michalla Petersen
Kidnapper (voice) - Juan Hidalgo
Kidnapper (voice) - Abdelilah Ben Massou
Additional Voice (voice) - Joe Guarneri
Additional Voice (voice) - Heath Centazzo
Additional Voice (voice) - Devlet Bahceli