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Caesar and Cleopatra quotes

Caesar and Cleopatra poster
At the height of the Roman Civil War, a young Cleopatra (Vivien Leigh) meets a middle-aged Julius Caesar (Claude Rains), who teaches her how to rule Egypt.

Director: Gabriel Pascal
Writer: George Bernard Shaw
Production: Independent Producers
Year: 1945
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.3
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 06 Sep 1946
Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar. 2 nominations total

5 Clips & Quotes


Caesar - Claude Rains
Cleopatra - Vivien Leigh
Apollodorus - Stewart Granger
Ftatateeta - Flora Robson
Rufio - Basil Sydney
Britannus - Cecil Parker
Lucius Septimius - Raymond Lovell
Achillas - Anthony Eustrel
Theodotus - Ernest Thesiger
Ptolemy - Anthony Harvey
Nubian Slave - Robert Adams
Cleopatra's Lady Attendant - Olga Edwardes
Cleopatra's Lady Attendant - Harda Swanhilde
1st. Centurion - Michael Rennie
2nd. Centurion - James McKechnie
Major Domo - Esme Percy
Belzanor - Stanley Holloway
Bel Affris - Leo Genn
Persian - Alan Wheatley
Boatman - Anthony Holles
1st. Porter - Charles Victor
2nd. Porter - Ronald Shiner
Sentinel - John Bryning
1st. Auxiliary Sentinel - John Laurie
2nd. Auxiliary Sentinel - Charles Rolfe
1st. Nobleman - Felix Aylmer
2nd. Nobleman - Ivor Barnard
1st. Guardsman - Valentine Dyall
2nd. Guardsman - Charles Deane
Ethiopian Dancer - B.Q. Alakija
Major Domo's Attendant - Chick Alexander
Councillor - Hylton Allen
Egyptian Lady - Marie Ault
Aide to Mithridates - Peter Bayliss
Boatman - André Belhomme
Lady in Waiting - Agnes Bernelle
Lady in Waiting - June Black
Lady in Waiting - Mary Boyle
Ethiopian Dancer - Bernard Bright
Slave Girl - Olwen Brookes
Egyptian Lady - Ena Burrill
Councillor - Michael Cacoyannis
Lady in Waiting - Alice Calvert
Councillor - Cecil Calvert
Bucinator - Bob Cameron
Lady in Waiting - Jill Carpenter
Roman Tax Officer - Gerald Case
Egyptian - O.B. Clarence
Councillor - Paul Croft
Roman Officer - Ronald Davidson
Lady in Waiting - Anna Davis
Lady in Waiting - Daphne Day
Assistant Palace Official - Bernard de Gautier
Councillor - Roy Ellett
Lady in Waiting - Lilla Erulkar
Boatman - Harold Franklyn
Lady - Toni Gable
Roman Officer - Gordon Gantry
Slave Girl - Renee Gilbert
Egyptian Woman - Kathleen Harrison
Roman Officer - Billy Holland
Lady in Waiting - Jean Hulley
Auxiliary Roman Sentinel - Hamilton Humphreys
Slave Girl - Moya Iles
Mithridates - Basil Jayson
Lady in Waiting - Virginia Keiley
Angry Boatman - Gerhard Kempinski
Slave Girl - Kay Kendall
Singing Boatman - Don Kenito
Councillor - Harry Lane
Slave Girl - Hilda Lawrence
Councillor - Alan Lewis
Roman Officer - Peter Lilley
Palace Official - Leonard Llewellyn
Special Roman Centurian - Peter Lord
Councillor - George Luck
Councillor - H.F. Maltby
Lady-in-Waiting - Zena Marshall
High Priest - Gibb McLaughlin
Councillor - Barry Meaton
Lady in Waiting - Mary Midwinter
Fan Girl - Roma Milne
Boatman - Charles Minor
Slave Girl - Anne Moore
Roman Soldier - Roger Moore
Egyptian Lady - Cathleen Nesbitt
Aide to Achillas - Shaun Noble
Councillor - Charles Paton
Lady in Waiting - Ingrid Puxon
Lady in Waiting - Jean Richards
Councillor - Roy Russell
Slave Girl - Anne Sassoon
Harpist - Jean Simmons
Fan Girl - Eve Smith
Roman Officer - Don Stannard
Harpist's Master - Russell Thorndike
Palace Official - Ludwig von Wohl
Cleopatra's Attendant - Abdul Wahab
Councillor - C. Jervis Walter
Councillor - Wilfred Walter
Councillor - Mackenzie Ward
Lady in Waiting - Jeanee Williams