"Can't Stop the Music" quotes

Can't Stop the Music poster
A pseudo autobiography of disco's The Village People.

Director: Nancy Walker
Writer: Bronte Woodard, Allan Carr
Production: EMI Films Ltd.
Year: 1980
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 4.1
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 20 Jun 1980
Awards: 4 wins & 11 nominations

29 Clips


Village People: Policeman - Ray Simpson
Village People: Construction Worker - David Hodo
Village People: Indian - Felipe Rose
Village People: Cowboy - Randy Jones
Village People: Leatherman - Glenn Hughes
Village People: G.I. - Alex Briley
Samantha - Valerie Perrine
Ron White - Caitlyn Jenner
Jack Morell - Steve Guttenberg
Steve Waits - Paul Sand
Sydne Channing - Tammy Grimes
Helen Morell - June Havoc
Norma White - Barbara Rush
Alicia Edwards - Altovise Davis
Lulu Brecht - Marilyn Sokol
Richard Montgomery - Russell Nype
Benny Murray - Jack Weston
Claudia Walters - Leigh Taylor-Young
Record Store Manager - Dick Patterson
Breadwoman - Bobo Lewis
Stick-up Lady - Paula Trueman
Law Office Receptionist - Portia Nelson
Mrs. Williams - Selma Archerd
Mrs. Slatkin - Murial Slatkin
TV Reporter - Aaron Colt
Ritchie Family - Vera Brown
Ritchie Family - Jacqui Smith Lee
Ritchie Family - Dodie Draher
Singing Vendor - Greg Zadikov
Stewardess In Record Store - Danone Camden
Relief DJ - Don Blanton
Disco Photographer - Roger LeClaire
Jean Harlow - Cindy Roberts
Marilyn Monroe - Maggie Brendler
Betty Grable - Bradley Bliss
Buster Sirwinski - Victor Davis
Construction Commercial Director - William L. Arndt
Ventriloquist - Jerry Layne
James the Flame - Terry Dunn
Steve Waits' Secretary - Maria Roosakos
Milk Commercial Director - Michael Battlesmith
Recording Technician - Richard Bruce Friedman
Moped Rider - Bill Anagnos
Dancer - Debbie Ash
Dancer - Wade Collings
Dancer - Jane Eve
Dancer - Edyie Fleming
Dancer - Richard King
Dancer - Perri Lister
Dancer - Gene Montoya
Dancer - Blane Savage
Dancer - Peter Tramm
Press Photographer - Jimmy Baron
Disco Dancer - Brad Bogart
Singing Sword Juggler - Gordon Haight
Groupie Skater - Lisette Kremer
Metal guy with leash at audition - Blackie Lawless
Cameraman - David LeBell
Dancer - Steve Malis
Fruit seller - Angelo Rossitto
Young Disco Dancer - Daniel Selby
Auditioning Sword Juggler - James Wilder