That's not a bad idea
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Ron, dear, didn't Greenwich-Village-people-types go out with the '60s? Village People....

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Norma White:
Ron, dear, didn't Greenwich-Village-people-types go out with the '60s?
That's it! The name: Village People.
Well, that's not a bad idea, uh, that's what we are.
That's where we're from.
Jack Morell:
Village People? That's fantastic! Thank you!
Norma White:
Oh, well, it does have a certain charm.
Village People; I can sell that.


00:00:00.529 --> 00:00:02.496
we're a group! yeah, but...
00:00:02.997 --> 00:00:05.965
you just don't put together a group like it was a laundry load.
00:00:06.000 --> 00:00:09.253
"laundry load. " hey, that's not a bad name. where is that distilled water?
00:00:09.288 --> 00:00:11.756
I've gotta take my lenses- I'll use perrier.
00:00:11.791 --> 00:00:13.723
do you know what this is all about?
00:00:13.758 --> 00:00:16.761
I haven't quite got the whole thing, but it sounds promising.
00:00:16.796 --> 00:00:20.999
wait a minute. Sam, stop with all this busy work.
00:00:20.999 --> 00:00:21.981
this is all- this is my life here!
00:00:22.998 --> 00:00:26.002
wait a minute. tell me, how do you put together a group that doesn't exist?
00:00:26.055 --> 00:00:27.987
I got it. I just did it.
00:00:28.998 --> 00:00:31.525
I used my brains, not my body. do you know what an accomplishment that is?
00:00:31.056 --> 00:00:34.479
do you know how good that makes me feel? yeah.
00:00:34.514 --> 00:00:37.363
but it still doesn't explain what's going on!
00:00:37.398 --> 00:00:40.785
we, my darling, are a group. yeah. we're a group.
00:00:40.082 --> 00:00:42.536
oh! oh, no! ow!
00:00:43.999 --> 00:00:45.254
oh, my god! oh, no!

Clip duration: 46 seconds
Views: 72
Timestamp in movie: 00:57:04
Uploaded: 20 September, 2021
Genres: biography, comedy, musical
Summary: A pseudo autobiography of disco's The Village People.


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Norma White - Barbara Rush
Samantha - Valerie Perrine
Jack Morell - Steve Guttenberg